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Oct 15, 2008 09:49 AM

Walgreens Cafe W??

I was in a Walgreens (Fairfax VA) last week and noticed a sign for "Cafe W," serving lattes, etc. I found this odd, because whatever this Cafe W was, I could not seem to see it from my vantage point in the store. I thought it peculiar to have a coffee bar that you couldn't see from the outside of the store.

So I correctly assumed it was for people already inside shopping, but wondered how such a thing could be profitable.

Turns out it's an unmanned location where you can make a variety of hot and cold drinks, designed to keep people in the store longer. It's strategically placed opposite the milk case, the photo counter, and other areas of the store.

So, anyone tried Cafe W?

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  1. The Wegmans' around here all have them, and yes, they are inside the store. You have to pass thru them to get to the deli and service meat sections.

    They have a coffee bar, a sub sandwich station, a bakery, pizza (whole or slice), sushi, salad bar, hot food line (mostly Chinese), a soup line, and a wide selection of other beverages. You can eat there or take them with you. They also have a decent selection of prepared dishes to go. They even have cup holders at the coffee bar that you can clip to your shopping cart so you can take your coffee with you while you shop.

    They say you shouldn't go shopping hungry, and just in case you forgot, Wegmans is there to help. : >)

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      Oh yeah, our Wegmans (Dulles VA) has a very nice (manned) coffee bar. They do a very nice job. The coffee goes well with the free bread samples.

      Unfortunately, the shopping carts don't have a shelf to hold your Wegmans sub while you shop. That would be quite a neat trick, given the size of those subs. We get a whole one, take it home, and slice it up into 6-8 good sized sandwiches.

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        When that Wegman's they had a bin of the cup holders at the coffee bar that you could put on your cart, have you looked or asked about them there? It's been over 3 years since I've been but I'd be surprised if they took them away.

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          WALGREENS...not Wegmans!!!


        2. It's basically a gimmick. There are no barristas, rather those coffee machines you find at gas stations. In the area they also have a slurpee like machine, and individual snacks (like the 100 calorie ones sold individually and pre-packaged muffins.