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Oct 15, 2008 09:30 AM

What's yummy @ Island Prime - SD?

I am going to Island Prime for dinner tonight... any suggestions?

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  1. This is a late response, or rather a complaint, but here it goes. As a frequent patron of C-Level, I decided to take out-of-town guests to Island Prime last month. We were floored by the high prices of the food and the relatively limited choice of seafood plates. The meat dishes come without sides, which of course are extra if you decide to order some. Our drinks were also outrageously priced, and I wasn't that impressed with the Pinot Noir or Syrah options. We all left less-than pleased. Places like Urban Solace and The Fishery are not only more affordable, the food is better tasting.

    1. Best thing at Island Prime is the view. The rest is not bad.

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        Agreed, the view's the attraction. However, the Kobe burger was serviceable.

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          2nd the view, nice and relaxing but, I only opt for an app and a glass of wine. Take in dinner somewhere else.

        2. I too was disappointed in Island Prime - I didn't feel like the food was of the quality I would expect at the price. C-Level we enjoy regularly - sitting outside, great cocktails, ahi appetizer is good - skip the entrees, nothing remarkable or memorable.

          1. This is quite a consensus forming. While I really love C-Level, Island Prime leaves me a little cold. Great giant slabs of grilled beef, but everything else pales by comparison to its "little brother" under the same roof. I have been underwhelmed by the potatoes at IP and was once served a foul dish described as a blue cheese souffle with figs in port which turned out to be a nasty little grainy flan 1/2' inch high drowned in raw port and a few figs.

            You can only get the nut-crusted brie from C-Level (a decadent delight) at Island Prime if they are not busya nd you whine and beg.

            If not for my carnivorous husband I would never go to Island Prime, but choose C-Level every time.

            1. The original comment has been removed
              1. Great view. Mediocre food especially for the price. A seafood place should not overcook Alaskan halibut. They lost me with that one.

                1. re: keena

                  And a place with "Prime" in its name should serve Prime Rib that's better than Coco's -- it wasn't.