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Oct 15, 2008 09:04 AM

Demonstration Kitchen in Boston

An organization that I work with will be hosting a chef and we're trying to find a venue to hold a cooking demo event. It should be in the city of Boston (no Cambridge, etc.) and a fairly good size.

Stir is pretty small, isn't it? Postings on this board were pretty unfavorable to Boston Ctr. for Adult Ed.'s facilities, so we haven't looked into that at all yet.

We're trying to get in touch with the BU culinary Program people, but other suggestions would be very helpful.

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  1. Most of the cooking schools are out because they are in Cambridge. Newbury College is also out of the city. How about a high school training program facility?

    BU would seem to have what you need. But, you could also call the Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau to see if they have any ideas.

    1. If you cannot find a cooking school, you might try a local church as many of them have very large kitchens as they host many events that require catering/cooking and so long as they are not using it on the night you want it, that may work.

      1. I think the Sebastians Restaurant in the Seaport has a demonstration kitchen. Not certain about the size or their willingness to rent it out to third parties, but it may be worth a call.

        1. The original comment has been removed