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Oct 15, 2008 09:01 AM

Unique Restaurant Recs for Atlanta?

I will be in Atlanta for a weekend trip and am looking for some uniquely Atlanta restaurant recommendations, as well as anything new and exciting for a foodie such as myself.

I will be staying at the W Midtown but am willing to drive.

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  1. Here are a few:

    Agnes & Muriels on Monroe Dr. - casual Southern food in a nostalgic atmosphere. They have a great brunch. See:

    If you like ethnic, go up 85 and take the Buford Hwy. exit. Keep going straight - the further you get, the more ethnic places there are - even outside of 285 loop. Try Panahar Bangladeshi:

    Good BBQ in a blues, very casual setting - the neighborhood can be a little unsettling at night but once you try the ribs, mac & cheese and brunswick stew you will forget all about it - delish - Daddy Dz:

    1. Tierra is really one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta, it's Caribbean, Latin American just so great.
      There is Restaurant Eugene and it is excellent. People have called it upscale southern but it is just great to me.
      I do love Sotto Sotto for Italian.
      Uniquely Atlanta would be Petite Auberge, It is like a step back in time and the food is really good. It is something to experience.
      Have fun!

      1. Vortex in Little 5 Points is definitely uniquely Atlanta. Enjoy walking through the 20 foot skull and enjoy some of the best burgers and tots in town.

        If you can stomach it, the circus that is The Varsity on Spring between Downtown and Midtown is pretty amazing (world's largest drive-in) - try the chili slaw dogs, fried peach pies, and FO (frosted orange).

        Einstein's in Midtown by Piedmont Park has a fantastic Monte Christo sandwich and excellent brunch. Plus the weather is nice and the park is a 2 block walk.

        I second Daddy D'z for BBQ and Sweet Tea. Their rib and chicken platter will most definitely fill you up.

        1. I've found several unique ethnic restaurants from this Google map

          I especially liked the Arepas de Julia place, tasty, inexpensive and close to our place.

          1. A couple of our favorites when we visit are Everybody's Pizza in Little Five Points (high-quality ingredients for pizzas and build-your-own salads, great draft beer selection including wheat beer and Belgian ales --; and Imperial Fez (, which is great fun, you sit on pillows on the floor and eat with your fingers Moroccan-style, belly dancing, the food's delicious.