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Oct 15, 2008 08:41 AM

Something similar to Boston's Haymarket?

I just moved from Boston where I would frequent Boston's Haymarket, the large and very cheap fruit/veggie/flower market which were actually supermarket rejects.

Although I love DC's various farmer's markets, they can get a bit expensive when I just need a bunch of very ripe limes/lemons/etc on the cheap.

Is there something like Boston's Haymarket here in DC that metro accessible?

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  1. There's nothing quite like what you're looking for, but we do have some good finds. First, Rodman's (a short walk south of the Friendship Heights Metro) has cheap produce, some hard-to-find produce, and a ridiculous selection of foreign grocery products. Your first visit there will blow your mind - and that's before you get downstairs to the card/pharmacy/kitchen goods/jewelry/watch/wheelchair/luggage/etc. store.

    Also, a trip to A. Litteri will meet any of your Italian food needs, and is worth it just to explore:

    1. I don't know of anything like Haymarket in DC but the "asian markets" like Grand Mart, H Mart and Great Wall have very reasonably priced regular and exotic produce along with fish, frozen items and all kinds of condiments, etc. They are all over the area, particularly in the suburbs.

      1. I'm glad there's nothing like the Haymarket in DC. Having once lived carless in Boston, I spent a few Saturdays at the Haymarket shlepping produce home on the T. Inevitably much of it would be farshimmelt (rotten). That sort of undercuts the cheap prices. The place is a tourist trap. The pizza place (Al Capone's, IIRC) was very good, though.

        As someone posted below, the asian markets have great produce depts. We go to the Grand Mart in Centreville, but H Mart is very good too.