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Oct 15, 2008 08:27 AM

2 nights in south broward-north miami beach

We'll have 2 nights visiting Hallandale and are looking for someplace great for each. We'd like to stay in the basic area -

I'm thinking of 3030 Ocean, Trina's , Eduardo de San Angel(sp?), casa d'angelo. Any one of these or any where else that shouldn't be missed?


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  1. I don't particularly know the restaurants north of Hallandale; I do know that just south is one of my favorite spots, Timo, in Sunny Isles (around 180th St. and Collins) which has a nice regularly changing menu with a bit of a mediterranean bent, several smaller dishes, etc.

    1. Of those you mentioned I would skip Trina or just do drinks and appetizers there. Eduardo is the least fashionable of the bunch, but it's also my personal favorite. Depending on if you're looking for a sort of hip, upbeat place you might be happier with 3030 or Casa, but Eduardo has a very lovely, romantic vibe, very competent staff, and fabulous food. (Huitalacoche crepes, Colorado lamb chops with mole, and a chile-gulf shrimp app are my favorites there).

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        If money is not an issue, you could consider Bourbon Steak in Aventura. Otherwise, of your choices, 3030 Ocean is closest to Hallandale, has good food and is the most "hip." I definitely wouldn't classify Casa D'Angelo or Eduardo as hip. You could have drinks at Trina, or outside at the Ritz Carlton and then head down the beach to 3030.

      2. you might want to try chef allen in aventura. you should definitely go to eduardo de san angel - we had a great meal there. and casa d'angelo is some of the best italian in so. florida.

        1. I enjoyed 3030 Ocean thoroughly when I went. Trina was one of my favorite restaurants in the area but apparently changed hands recently:

          Eduardo de San Angel is great, and probably the best of the bunch listed.

          Casa D'Angelo for me was good but nothing mindblowing. I preferred my experience in Cafe Martorano, though go early as it's a bit of a scene, (a weird one at that) and turns into a "nightclub" after 9:00 or so

          1. FYI- none of those are in your basic area. If you want to stay close to the basic area you need to consider options in Hallandale, Hollywood, Aventura and Sunny Isles. Eduardo is all the way in Pompano Beach and tho other spots are in Ft Lauderdale. Clariify and I wil try to help.

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              Chowfather - Thanks for the info and I appreciate the help. I'm from the NYC suburbs and am pretty map-challenged. We'll be staying on the Hallandale-Aventura border and are willing to travel about 20 minutes or so. Last visit we ate at Michy's and loved it. I'm looking for something of comparable quality/interest. Any place you'd recommend within that 20 minute radius?

              Thanks - Janet

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                Timo is a wonderful option in Sunny Isles Beach - not far at all from where you are, and it would probably be my first stop. The menu is affordable, simple and elegant.

                I also enjoyed 1 Bleu at the Regent Bal Harbour (very pricey, but good food and a stunning dining room). Chef Allen's (Aventura) has a reinvented dining room and menu.

                If you're looking for sushi, Sushi Republic in Surfside (just south of Bal Harbour Shops) is incredible.

                The Food Gang is also nearby - had a good lunch there, but haven't tried dinner. I have also heard great things about Bourbon Steak at Turnberry, but I have not been there personally.

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                  Well if you didn't mind traveling down to Michy's last time I would recommend heading a little further south and going to Michael's Genuine.

                  In the Hallandale/Aventura area I would recommend Timo, Bourbon Steak and Chef Allen"s. (he recently revamped the decor and menu and I have not been since but may be there this week so I will post back)

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                    I heartily second Chef Allen's. Don't know if the decor has changed and I'll agree it was a bit outdated when i was there in May. However, even if it hasn't changed, the food and service more than make up for it. Exceptional, unique food. Chef Allen was one of the pioneers in the Floribbean cuisine. Mango ketchup was phenomenal on the duck fat fries! Best of all, it is right in your area.

                    Timo in sunny isles is also really great. If you want to drive, Eduardo is really great. Don't worry about being map challenged. You are staying very close to I-95 and Eduardo is also very close to I-95. It will be about a 25-30 min drive during non-rush hour times.