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Oct 15, 2008 07:18 AM

Indian & Italian Restaurant Recommendations...

I'm entertaining some guests this weekend and thought a good Indian restaurant and a good Italian restaurant would be great, any recommendations?

Personally, I would go to Lahore Tikka, but it lacks ambience (but we may still go cus its so good). For italian, there are so many, I'm considering Bar Italia (lame?).

Any recommendations are appreciated.

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  1. I had a great experience at Zucca Trattoria; search this Board for the review. Simple and rustic Italian, done with excellent ingredients and a touch of finesse.
    As for Indian, I really enjoyed Amaya's Bread Bar, although it was a touch pricey. For white linens, careful cuisine and tuxedoed waiters without a huge tab, try Mt. Everest in the Annex.

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      Zucca looks amazing, I just left a message for a reservation on Saturday (they seem to be closed early 10pm?? So, I made the reservation for 7pm. Thanks for your post. I'll do Lahore Tikka on Friday.

      1. re: taylor39

        I really hope you enjoy it taylor39. Their fresh pastas are really quite special, in my opinion and the service is great. Have a lovely time.

        1. re: taylor39

          instead of Lahore, try one of the masala dosa dishes at Moti Mahal.
          Or get the plain dosa, indian style with some dips.
          Then have a sweet lassi and finish off with quite possibly the city's best pistachio stuffed gulabjamun,
          Less oil, more taste, same price (or maybe even cheaper)