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Oct 15, 2008 06:34 AM

Cupcakes for a Birthday Celebration


I am looking for a place in Manhattan that I can get approximately 20 cupcakes that are nut free for an affordable price.


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  1. Around how much are you looking to spend per cupcake?

    1. I think Chikalicious dessert bar and Sugar Sweet Sunshine are among the less expensive cupcake options around. Not sure about the nut free part though -- some cross contamination may occur in the kitchen. I would call and special order just to make sure.

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          I second Crumb. not the cheapest but my favorite - although this is a highly heated topic on the board so I don't think you can ever get a consensus for overall best cupcake.

      1. Ive gone to cupcake cafe for cakes/cupcakes for peanut allergy friend as well as Babycakes. You can also try Ciao For Now in the East Village. Just make sure when you call to order that you specify.
        Whole Foods can also help.

        1. Soutine cupcakes were pretty good when I had them a while ago. It's a small bakery so maybe you have a better chance of getting the nut-free aspect addressed. Fairway used to sell Mitchell London cupcakes. Not sure they still do but when I was in the bread section recently I noticed the cupcakes looked quite tempting!

          1. 2 Red Hens on 85/2nd makes the most beautiful and delicious ones!!!!!!