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Oct 15, 2008 05:10 AM

NOVEMBER 2008 COTM: Voting [Ends 10/18]

As I suspected, there were lots of books with a couple of votes so, while I hate to have so many in the voting thread, it only seems to be fair to include them. Voting ends 10/18 (Saturday) so that posters will have plenty of time to get the book(s) and I'll tally up first thing Sunday morning and post the winner. Please use all caps when posting your vote.


• FISH WITHOUT A DOUBT by Rick Moonen (Five votes)

• THE ART OF SIMPLE FOOD by Alice Waters (Three votes)

• KITCHEN DIARIES by Nigel Slater (Three votes)

• A NEW WAY TO COOK by Sally Schneider (Three votes)

• THE SOUTH AMERICAN TABLE by Maria Baez Kijac (Three votes)

Link to suggestions thread, in case anyone wants to look at it:



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  1. FISH WITHOUT A DOUBT, please and thank you.

    1. FISH WITHOUT A DOUBT.....Molto Grazie!

      1. FISH WITHOUT A DOUBT por favor y gracias.

        1. THE ART OF SIMPLE FOOD...thanks!

          1. Oh, so many outstanding choices! I don't think we can lose, nevertheless, I cast my ballot thusly:

            ART OF SIMPLE FOOD, please.