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Oct 14, 2008 09:03 PM

Nice Restaurant Near Carson to Meet Business Clients?

It doesn't have to be in Carson (I am unaware of any nice restaurants in Carson itself sad to say!) but as near as can be would be great. It is a business meeting so it does have to be nice.

Any suggestions?


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  1. There must be some nice suitable restaurants in Carson but I am not sure either. I have eaten at Paradise, which is in Carson, and it is certainly a business spot with an eclectic menu, but not really what I would call nice. It isn't a fast food place or hole in the wall. I suggest checking it out in advance if you need to stay in Carson.

    If you are near San Diego Fwy (I 405), a short drive south (about 10 minutes) will put you in Long Beach where you can find some good choices for a business lunch.

    Consider Phil Trani's on Long Beach Blvd., a short distance north of the freeway. It has decent food and is a fairly busy place for lunches.

    In Signal Hill (pretty much Long Beach), just south of 405 on Cherry Ave is Delius Restaurant. I have eaten there four or five times and enjoyed every meal. Some on the board disagree.

    Ristorante da Vinci is a great looking place, and there are great windows looking over the LB Airport and, on a clear day, it has a good view of the mountains. I have been there about four times and the food has been uneven. I believe they have a new chef. It is just off the freeway near Cherry Ave.

    A new spot just opened, La Vineria Italiana, I have not been there but have heard good reports. It is about one mile (?) north of the freeway on Atlantic Ave.

    Someone familiar with the South Bay might know some places just west of Carson that will work for you if Long Beach is too far.

    1. I work in Carson and have scouted the area fairly extensively for places to eat. Yes, Carson does not have nice restaurants to speak of.

      For nicer business settings, we drive to downtown Long Beach. I would recommend 555 East for steaks and L'Opera for Italian. Also near the Aquarium is the Yardhouse and other chains. Also Parker's Lighthouse is doable

      I would second Phil Trani's in Long Beach as well.

      Nicer restaurants in Torrance are also limited. Musha for izakaya is a possibility, as is Komatsu for fine tempura.

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      1. re: Ogawak

        What about Yuzu?

        1231 Cabrillo Ave
        Plaza del Prado
        Torrance, CA 90501

        High(er) end sushi bar w/ nice decor. Musha is just too loud and the seating is too transparent for business convo.

      2. Try The Depot, where Van Ness crosses Torrance Blvd. I do business lunches there regularly, and it's perfect for that. Good food, good service. Call for a reservation; closed Monday. It's techinically in Torrance, but a stone's throw from the 405 or 110 and Carson.

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          That is the right call. Very close to Carson and easy to get to. I have done business lunches there as well.