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Oct 14, 2008 09:00 PM

SF - brunch at Frjtz and other questions

Their online menu has what looks like an interesting brunch. Anyone tried it?

Anyone tried the rabanada (Brazilian-style French toast)? Anyone had it both here and Delessio's? How are the home-made English muffins? Any opinions on the ginger pancakes?

What's the scoop on Frjtz these days? My last impression was that reports were 'meh. Have mercy on me. I know I can search but the site design and type at this point is burning out my irises and there is only so much time I can look at this site. Anyway, I don't remember any recent reports. Seems like the Fisherman Wharf location closed since it isn't mentioned on the site.

How are the crepes? Do you have a favorite dipping sauce for the Belgium fries? Any to avoid? Do they do a good job with the Belgium beers?

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  1. Not been to brunch, only dinner (both on Valencia and Hayes). My impression was: meh. It's one of those places I'll visit if I'm visiting a friend within a few blocks, but I wouldn't go out of my way--even a neighborhood away--to eat there.

    If I wanted Belgian beers and decent food, I'd rather head to Monk's Kettle, a few blocks away from the Mission location, though that doesn't help with your brunch question.

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      Meh is accurate, in my opinion. The fries are fine, and a few of my co-workers are enamored of their salads, but I've eaten there twice now, and would not go back (both meals were with the co-workers who like the salads. I think I need new work friends.)

      The savory crepe I ordered for one lunch came with cold interior ingredients and made me think of Denny's more than anything else, though I have no idea if Denny has ever served crepes. It was just so middle-of-the-road). I've blocked out the ingredients on the sandwich I had for my other meal, but I do recall leaving most of it on the plate, as I had with the crepe.

    2. Honestly, you are asking Frjtz to be something it's never been: a restaurant. The original spot was a great funky cafe (Mad Magda's Russian Tea Room) with palm readers and a garden, long before Hayes Valley was chic and filled with pastry shops and candy stores.

      When Frjtz took over they added beer, turntables, and more pots of tea. And fries. It's a place to read the paper, not drive across town for the crepes. I do like the fries with the red pepper mayo. The salads are greens in a bag with too much balsamic vinegar.

      Unfortunately the new decor is dreadful, like a set for a Julie Taymor movie, with too many harsh lights and gnarled trees. Sadly they've done this not just to the Valencia offshoot but to the Hayes Street location too.

      Drop in for a cup of something, and you won't be as disenchanted but set your expectations accordingly.

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      1. re: Windy

        Just had to say I'm tickled to find somebody who remembers (and enjoyed) Mad Magda's. I had a birthday party there back in the day, and David (Magda) is still an acquaintance.

        There are worse places than Frjtz, but there are better. I guess I'm just not drawn to crepes as a meal, though I've had some nice ones. There's a decent crepes place about two blocks from me on Polk near Sutter, so there's no reason to hike down to Frjtz in Hayes Valley just for a crepe. And if you're in the Valencia and 16th Street area, my friends all rave about Ti Couz, rather than Frjtz. Still, as you said, it's about one's expectations as much as it's about the actual product.

        1. re: weem

          I, too, remember the great old days of Mad Magda's. It seemed like every day was a party with friends in the back yard...all the best to David...

      2. All the commenters below have good points, but I'd say try the curry ketchup, and the mayos are generally not as good as they sound. That is to say, they're mayo so they're awesome, but dont expect, for instance, the balsamic mayo to be an amazing fusion of balsamic flavor and mayo creaminess. It's not.