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Oct 14, 2008 08:47 PM

How many different knives do you use daily ?

Just looking at the knive block sets on the market...kinda remind me of pot sets.

Knives as a whole is a very subjective thing, but I'm curious how many different knives you use on a daily basis.

For me, it's a Shun cleaver, Kyocera 5" Ceramic knife and parer.
Cleaver was what I grew up with learning how to cook as a kid...and it's just natural in my hands.

Granted I do use the the bread knife on those big sunday meals....
And did stray away for a brief stint and used a Santoku almost exclusively as well for a bit.
Never was a big fan of a chefs knife.

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  1. At least three, of which nearly always includes my cook's knife and the paring knife - but I really couldn't do without the carving knife and the bread knife. Now that I think about the utility knife is really useful for chopping up vegetables that are too large for the paring knife but not suited to the weight/power of the cooks knife - like large potatoes.

    1. I use approx 5 knives on a daily basis to prepare dinner. I have a 6" chefs knife, a santuko for veggies, and 2 different paring knives, plus a bread knife.

      I have a much larger blade arsenal that overflows a block, but most of those do not see daily use.

      1. 2.

        one small chef 6" knife and one small paring knife.

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        1. re: Maximilien

          Funny question. And true on the pots, not as many are needed as the PR folks would have us believe.

          I guess two knives on a daily basis. A Henkel steak knife for just about everything, a cheap steak knife for buttering, and the occasional large Henkel knife for slicing roasts.

          What a hoot.

          1. re: dolores

            I think you do need quite a few pots. I mean I have 5 pots, a frying pan and a griddle pan and use them all the time. the smallest one is perfect for poaching eggs, the next up is a steamer, the next up for making soup for two although the next up which is a chasseur enamel lined cast iron affair has to some degree superseded this pot for soups ( and is fabulous for curries, braises, pasta sauces etc don't know how I lived with out this one!) and then a large stock pot for making stocks (obviously) and also for cooking pasta as ideally you need 1 L of water for every 100 g of pasta.

        2. 6 inch Hattori gyuto is what I use most. 10 inch Wusthof super-slicer is the bread knife and gets as much use as the Hattori. Wusthof 7 inch santoku comes in third, followed by a tie between a Shun paring knife and a Shun 10 inch chef's knife. I've got a serrated parer that's only seen action a handful of times in the past year, mostly doing bar duty slicing lemons and limes.

          1. On a regular basis, four: 10" chef's knife for chopping, 8" slicer, 12" serrated bread knife (for bread only), and 3" parer. On occasion I also use a boning knife. Oh, and of course steak knives for eating, not prep.

            I also own, but never use, a huge, heavy cleaver that belonged to my grandfather, who was a butcher.