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Is drinking shrinking your brain?

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  1. well, I didn't read anything about whether brain volume correlates with brain function. I am linclined not to care if my brain is small, as long as it works just fine...

    1. i don't understand the question

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        Apparently drinking solves horrible, debilitating brain swelling issues that result from certain neurological disorders. Here's to your health -- bottoms up!

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          thew, LOL! great (shrinking) brains think alike. i was going to reply, "huh?"

        2. Drinking kills off the weak brain cells, leaving the remaining brain mass stronger...sort of like culling the weak and sick from the herd. You're left with fewer brain cells, but they're the tougher, stronger ones, unfettered by the stupider, less desirable brain cells.

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            in tom robbins' book Jitterbug Perfume the character loosely based on tim leary is asked about his drug use, and he gived a similar answer. he says it's like growing fruit - it isn't brain damage, it's pruning

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              I love Tom Robbins. Skinny Legs and All is my favorite. Where else will you find an Arab and a Jew opening a restaurant across from the UN and an RV made into a turkey? Very chowish!

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                ...with inanimate objects as key characters (spoon, can o' beans)...love tom robbins

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              Good answer, ricepad.

              Let's all drink to ricepad!

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                Now that's the answer I was hoping for! Cin-Cin!

              2. A study like this really does not concern me. We are all dying, some just quicker than others.

                Ill continue to enjoy my tequila, and beer without pause.

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                  My grandfather was a borderline alcoholic and lived well into his 90s... Probably not the best idea to drink in such excess on a daily basis, but I also don't think it will strip as many years off of your life as some seem to believe. There have to be other problem factors. Or maybe it's just genetics? Probably not worth worrying about too much.

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                    Hmmm.... sounds like one of my uncles. A quart of Scotch every day, a one mile walk, pasta for dinner, lived to be 94 when a car veered off the road and hit him as he walked along the sidewalk.....Cin Cin!!

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                      Reminds me of Jim Fixx, the brilliant mathematician who taught me how to store and manipulate volumes of quant data and solve fairly complex problems with no tools other than the mind. He was also a marathon runner, and that's what killed him in his life's prime.

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                            After he stopped smoking I presume....

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                          Yada, yada...for tomorrow we die.

                  2. What happens with the extra space? Can I rent it out? For as long as I can solve the weekend Sudoku's with bloody mary in hand, I consider the canary in my mineshaft to be alive and well and sometimes singing (off key).

                    1. At this point I probably have a little walnut rolling around in there.

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                        diablo, all you need now is a nice vintage porto, a salty stilton, and a cordless drill...:)

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                          LOL Veggo! MMM....stilton. I'm starting to feel like Homer Simpson :)

                      2. I think of it as concentrating all my brainpower in one spot. It's kinda a green thing... it should save on energy!

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                          Isn't that how Yuri Geller bent spoons, and you bend DIY scanners? Sure saves on lamb chops, which is just as good as energy...:)

                          1. We've been watching the Charles Bukowski Tapes, 4 hours' worth from Netflix. I never thought much of him as a writer but as an off-the-cuff philosopher who never doesn't have a drink in his hand (and think how many hours of footage this must have been edited down from) he's pretty brilliant. Ragged, but brilliant.

                            I'm not saying it didn't do him or any heavy drinker harm. I'm just saying that's my kind of harm.

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                              I watched Ron White, the comedian, do an hilarious performance in Clearwater as he put a whole lot of air in a bottle of scotch. And he was doing a second show immediatley after....

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                                do you think it is really scotch? i've wondered.

                                btw, i like that phrase "whole lotta air"....

                                1. re: alkapal

                                  Wonder no more. Johnny Walker black and Davidoff cigars.

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                                  He's a hoot! I think too much of Texas has rubbed off on you! My everyday Scotch, too.

                              2. hey beach chick, while shrinking your brain, if you want to cheat on the captain, he's got a cousin you might wanna meet: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5110... ;-)

                                1. Supposedly, you only use something like 20% of your brain anyway, so the rest is spare!

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                                    Dalaimama, I just have to debunk that urban myth that humans "only use x% of our brain". That is wholly untrue. If it were the case, then traumatic brain injury and stroke patients would not demonstrate cognitive and/or linguistic disorders. Sorry to be so persnickety, but as a health care provider, this common myth is...well, way too common!