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Oct 14, 2008 08:11 PM

Old Town Scottsdale Before Baseball Game Recs

Hello! We're looking for some recs for a great places to eat dinner before heading to a fall league baseball game. We will be in more casual attire so are wanting a location where that won't be frowned upon (also one in the group needs to have healthier/lower calorie fare available if possible).
Any suggestions?

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  1. If you like pizza and want a try an authentic NY-style pizza place, I would recommend trying Grimaldi's in Scottsdale. Then walk directly across the street from there for dessert at the diner (I don't recall the name of it) which was very good as well.

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      I 2nd this suggestion. The place across the street is the Sugar Bowl, a long standing Scottsdale landmark and old fashioned soda shop. Bill Keane of Family Circus fame used this place in many of his funnies. The dieter can have some of the great salads at Grimaldis and a flavored fountain soda water at Sugar Bowl (or sorbet). You can go anywhere in Scottsdale dressed down and they will accept you in flip flops and a baseball cap. Sad but true.

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        I would recommend staying away from Grimaldi's. The one time I went, the crust only tasted like smoke, the cheese was bland and rubbery, the sauce one-dimensionally sweet unless you bit into a basil leaf, and the toppings were lifeless unless you got the overpowering roasted peppers. Add to it servers who obviously found my being there an intrusion on their social hour, and I see no reason to ever set foot in there again.

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          Rather than Grimaldi's, I think a better option is Grazie Pizza and Wine Bar....a couple more blocks to walk, but a better place overall, I think....especially with the nice patio and the great weather we're having now.

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            I totally forgot about Grazie - thanks for reminding me! We too had a less than stellar (and rather expensive) experience at Grimaldi's.

      2. There are a number of possible places, and casual attire if fine in pretty much all of them. The more valid question is the type of scene you seek? There are some places catering more to the rock & roll, margs & beers crowd (very popular during spring training), but also places a tad less rowdy.

        A new Latin-inspired place called "The Mission" is slated to open in Old Town, from the folks behind Zinc Bistro and Merc Bar (replacing the short lived Union Bar & Grill), but I'm not sure if the doors have officially opened.

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          Not to digress, but does anyone know the exact date that The Mission will be opening (I assume we would have heard if it had already)?. Really been looking forward to it.

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            Definately less rowdy. My favorite restaurant period is Cowboy Ciao. But we feel the need to branch out and try something new once in a while! The Mission sounds interesting...I'll keep checking back to see when it opens!

            Anyone been to Cafe Forte' ?

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              Well since you're familiar with Cowboy Ciao, some nearby newbies that have been getting praise include Digestif and Fine's Cellar.

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                We did try Cafe Forte' as we wanted some healthier fare. The space is cozy and warm. The staff was very accomodating and friendly. As we were headed to the ballpark, we just had appetizers. The chicken/vegetable potstickers (4) were steamed and were very delicious (though a bit pricey at $8 for just 4). Their special of the day was a creamed roasted tomato soup. Slightly sweet, herbacious with a delicate texture and mouthfeel, it was delicious ($6.50). My husband had the caesar salad ($8). He said it was good - not very large and nothing out of the ordinary in preparation style, but nonetheless, good. We did not have time for a full meal or dessert, but I had clear views of an amazing looking pie. If you're looking for a friendly and cozy atmosphere, and cheap eats is not the primary concern, I would definately recommend giving them a try!