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Tip for fluffy scrambled eggs

I'm aware of the double-boiler for like 20 minutes method for nice light scrambled eggs, but if you can't wait that long, I've found a heaping tablespoon of creamed horseradish for every two eggs (the nostril-piercing heat from the horseradish disappears in the eggs) really fluffs them up somehow. Oh yeah, a little shot of cream and s&p if you like that before beating 'em.

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    1. re: maria lorraine

      Absolutely (assuming you want non-crazy results).

      My nieces like very fluffy eggs, and usually do the handheld mixer approach. I blew their minds once by separating out half the whites, beating them to soft peaks, and folding the beaten eggs into the whites. "Scrambled egg clouds". Those were some seriously fluffy eggs.

    2. there is an article in October's Saveur where they talk about the fluffy scrambled eggs at the Waffle House. They get them super fluffy by throwing them in the milk shake machine for a few seconds to airate them.

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            Yum, the immersion blender worked beautifully. I happy to have yet another use for my beloved blender. Thanks!

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          I love that issue. I think they actually whip them for a couple of minutes. I plan on trying this method soon.

          1. re: rabaja

            me too, there's so many things I want to try in it (muesli, homemade sausage, etc.)

            I've been tempted to whip up some eggs in the blendtec, but I'm so lazy. I just throw some scrambled eggs into a medium low saucepan and mix them up with some chopsticks

        2. Just a real low burner and constant mixing.
          Fluffiest eggs you ever had!

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            totally agreed. no need to dirty up a blender, add extra ingredients, etc. I also whisk them at room temp before putting them in the pan.

          2. if you pop the egg mixture in the skillet and cover with a lid through the process - you'll get really fluffy eggs.

            1. Here is something I found:
              "Water, not milk, is recommended for omelet egg mixtures. The water turns to steam, producing a light, airy omelet. Milk is great for creamy scrambled eggs but omelets require water to give them their lightness. Omelets, like scrambled eggs, cook very quickly. Always have your filling ingredients chopped, cooked, and ready before you begin cooking the eggs."
              I've tried this water idea--just a teaspoon or two for 2-3 eggs--it does seem to make a nice texture.

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                Saw a Martha special on scrambled eggs- she echoed the water idea, and also beat them in the pan over heat, not separately. Do it every time with great results, but it does work better with small quantities (no more than 6 eggs).

                I love horseradish and am under the impression that it's good for you, so I can't wait to try your method too.

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                  I also agree with the water, not milk or cream for fluffy scrambled eggs.

                2. The secret is lots of butter in the pan.

                  1. I like fluffy eggs very much. I also use club soda (seltzer) in my matzo balls to make them fluffy and lo and behold, it works for eggs too. Keep them over low heat, as I have found high heat really toughens them up.

                    1. I usually don't use water or milk, the method I like best is to whip the eggs till frothy, pour in a med low heated pan, treat the eggs as you would making an omelet, keep them lifted off the heat, it allows hot air to circulate, keeps them from getting tough. You can take any egg over the top, have fun with them. Use a wire balloon whisk, gives you more control, develops your stamina and muscles and saves on electricity and helps you relate more closely to the task at hand. Put your own energy into your work. Much more satisfying. Then you can say it's "just something I whipped up." Try scrambled eggs with freshly sliced Strawberries and whipped cream flavored with a drop of Grand Marnier for a midnight dinner. A simple crisp salad and champagne. Tim H. Royal

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                        I'd just like to say that if a man made me "scrambled eggs with freshly sliced Strawberries and whipped cream flavored with a drop of Grand Marnier for a midnight dinner. A simple crisp salad and champagne", I'd be his forever!

                        1. re: GRobin

                          I bet ol' Tim knew that. And has another split of champagne and some OJ for the morning! TeeHee

                      2. I now always use the Gordon Ramsay method. Break eggs into a cold pan and whisk. Add a knob of butter and scramble very slowly over a low heat. Remove from the heat occasionally if they're cooking too fast. Just before they're done, stir in another knob of butter and a spoonful or two of creme fraiche. Season to taste. Best scrambled eggs ever.

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                          Wouldn't your method yield creamy scrambled eggs as opposed to fluffy ones?

                          I have to say I prefer the creamier versions over the fluffy ones, especially those with bottarga!

                          1. I whip 1tab. of whip cream with my eggs, and they are to die for. Eggs are not my favorite thing so they better not be dry or goey or small like burnt cat. LoL whip cream is yummy fluffy and all that good stuff.. I will try the scramble egg clouds with whip cream YUM!

                            1. Add a bit of club soda.

                              Just tried this today. Works wonderfully.

                              1. I get fluffy scrambled by cooking them in the microwave.


                                1. Wooden fork. 3 prong. Makes all the difference.

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                                  1. My cousin steams them with the milk foamer of the cappuccino machine.

                                    1. i too was told about adding club soda to make fluffy eggs by a restaurant owner... it really works.. instead of water or milk...

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                                        Eggs have protein strands. Any protein strand WILL turn into a rubber band when heated over 212 F. Do some home science experiments by putting a pan with water in it on your stove burners. Make a little chart of what temps the water reaches for each temp setting on each burner. This will take some time but once you know you're sorted. To speed things up run tape water and watch your digital thermometer. Start the water in the pot at close to where you expect the burner will get the water to. (You're on your way to 'SV' LOL) If your really want to get 'anal' about it do this with all the pots/pans/lids on and lids off......like I did.
                                        Anyway about the eggs. Warm your '360 SS pan to 200 F. Add a little clarified butter break the room temperature eggs in then gently stir with a wooden paddle. When the eggs have barely coddled you'll have 'fluffy' eggs.

                                      2. I haven't tried this myself, but while eating at the kitchen counter, the chef told me that the key to fluffly scrambled eggs without any additions is to whip the whites and yolks separately and then fold in the whites into the yolks.

                                        Just thought I'd pass it along ...