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Oct 14, 2008 08:05 PM

Tofuya Ukai

Hi everyone, I will be going to Japan in Dec and I'm drooling at all the description of food in Exilekiss's and Paul's blog + other various blogs. I really hope to go to tofuya ukai and from the blogs I've read it seems that i would have to make reservations way in advance but the problem is there is no email address on the tofuya ukai website. Is it really that necessary to make reservations for lunch? How did you all make reservations for the restaurant? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi filofari,

    Thanks. :) In general, if you have any contacts / friends-of-friends living in Japan, that's always a good way to have them call for you. Besides that, have the Concierge in the hotel you're staying at make the arrangements for you. (Or as you're asking, some restaurants have e-mail contact info, but it's rarer than direct phone calls.)

    As for Ukai, at least they have their full website in English as well as Japanese, so that leads to the possibility that you can call their Phone # (listed there) and speak with someone directly about reservations.

    Hope you enjoy your trip! :)

    1. I'll second that opinion. Few restaurants in Japan have online booking or email reservations, but most high-end places have someone who can speak enough English to handle a reservation. So just figure out the time difference and call them. It may cost more than a local call, but it's a small fraction of the price of a meal, and worth the trouble if it means the difference between getting a table and settling for your second choice.

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        Thanks for both of your reply! I think I shall do that.