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Oct 14, 2008 07:59 PM

Sunday Brunch for Anniversary

Looking for a great place for brunch to celebrate an anniversary. Good food and view. Romantic ambience. We live in the Calabasas area though we could drive as far as Santa Monica for the right place. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. SADDLE PEAK LODGE has a good brunch, nice atmosphere, and it's not too far from you.

    Although I've never been, I've heard INN OF THE 7TH RAY in Topanga Canyon is romantic and serves a nice brunch.

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    1. re: brandygirl

      i;d agree with saddle peak.

      the other idea that springs to mind for great view is The Restaurant at the Getty.

      1. re: Emme

        For a spectacular view, you can't beat the Restaurant at the Getty on a nice day. They are rarely crowded on a weekend before the midafternoon, making parking fairly easy, but you need to decide whether the elevator and tram and walking thru the museum entrance is what you want or just a hassle. Great happy people-watching, but a bit touristy. Another option with a very different upscale vibe and subdued marina view of the boats is the brunch at Cafe Del Rey -- they have an excellent website with a detailed menu including prices.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Y'know, Ipse, I can deal with the inflated prices for breakfast or brunch at the beachside Santa Monica hotels, or rooftop at the Peninsula or others in Beverly Hills. I realize I am paying for atmosphere, glitz, flowers, view, and lots of service. I can accept an omelette that would cost $8 at a good breakfast place with lots of sides and more than I could eat is going to be garnished but skimpy and a la carte at the hotel for more than $20. But what I can't stand is that then, after all of that, they are going to screw me for another $10 or so for the valet charge (unavoidable, unless I am extremely lucky to happen upon a meter) on top of the premium I'm already paying for breakfast. I'm sorry, that just tees me off so much I can't enjoy the experience.

        1. re: nosh

          The valet isn't really out of line with what most restaurants in Hollywood, WeHo, BH, or Santa Monica would charge.

          And, really, there is quite a bit to be said for the level of service and care that One Pico provides over and above a typical breakfast place.

          Expensive? Yes, of course.

          Worth it? In my opinion, yes.

          1. re: nosh

            Maybe during the height of the summer season you won't be able to find an street meter within walking distance of Shutters, (and don't forget that in Santa Monica the meters are "functioning" every day of the week). But by this time of the year it shouldn't be an issue unless we are in the middle of a Santa Ana heatwave.

            1. re: Servorg

              We love Ammo right now. Granted it's not in Santa Monica, but they do fantastic things to eggs. And it doesn't hurt when your girl/woman/wife/concubine swoons over Orlando Bloom mid brunch. After that eye candy, you can always get dessert after your eggs. Nothing like a 2-hour, 3 course brunch.

              Pricing on par with other fanciful brunch joints, except for that $9 pot of French press. *OUCH*

          2. re: ipsedixit

            This link gives a real-time view of the public parking situation in Santa Monica. There are lots near all major areas.