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Oct 14, 2008 07:50 PM

Food at Palais Royale?

Has anyone eaten at the Palais Royale? I'm considering having my wedding reception there, but haven't heard anything about the food...can anyone give me any feedback?

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  1. I have attended a wedding at the Palais Royale. The food was mediocre. The h'orderves were okay, but i'm sort of partial to little fatty nuggets of goodness. From what i remember, there was pizza and mini burgers that weren't that good, crab puffs that were really yummy, sushi designed for really generic tastes, some decent bread... The only entree option we had (besides a vegetarian option) was fairly vanilla chicken (not vanilla flavoured chicken!) which was okay but little dry. The veggie option was pretty much the same thing except with the chicken replaced by a stack of sliced vegetables. The space was pretty nice though, and i'm sure whoever was organizing the wedding chose inoffensive food to satisfy all of the different tastes of the people attending. Some of those people may have really enjoyed it, but i don't think those people come to this site. I'm sure the venue would have many samples to try if you expressed interest.

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      I had a very different experience at Palais. I think it probably depends on what you order as flibbertygibbet said (and therefore, what you're prepared to spend). The wedding was last year, so my memory is a bit fuzzy but I'll tell you what I can recall. I was in the wedding party, so getting the hors d'oeuvres was a bit tricky (we were late and all that) but I remember a rare piece of lamb on the bone (really tasty; either rosemary or mint was paired with it, as is traditional), some sort of grilled shrimp that was not dry (as they can be when overcooked), and gnocci on a little spoon (my least favourite, but then, I'm not a huge fan of cream sauces). For dinner we had soup, salad, pasta, and I had salmon but there was the choice of veal, chicken, salmon and some other beef dish. The soup was roasted red pepper, I think. It was good, although nothing really special or interesting. The salad was also good, but I can't think what was in it at the moment. The pasta was delicious. It was just a simple penne in tomato sauce, but the sauce was very flavourful and there were pieces of fresh basil. The salmon was quite tender and juicy. It was served on a bed of lentils and it was cooked the right amount; just a bit pink in the middle, still moist. I didn't try the other dishes but heard they were good. I can't remember the dessert.

      I would say, do a tasting. I think if you stress the importance of the food, they'll get it. Both the bride and groom (and her father) are really into food and they made sure they got exactly what they wanted. Overall, I think the quality was very good and the food was well-prepared and nicely presented. Don't know about the price, but I don't think it was cheap!!!

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        Thanks very much!! I don't know why I didn't think of posting here instead of looking at wedding forums...although now I'm a bit conflicted. The Palais is substantially more money than the other venues we're considering, however, I've tried the food at the other venues, and I know they are good. I think the venue is GORGEOUS, I'm just not sure about the food, it's been hard to find any reviews online.
        I'm just worried that when you do a tasting for two, you could have the most tender meat and amazing food, but when you multiply that by 200, you won't get the same result, so I'm not sure how useful the tasting will be. Any other feedback from anyone who has tried the food is welcome! Thanks for your help!

    2. Went to a function there last year. The food was competent but not completely inspiring, which could have been based on what was ordered, to be fair. Service was very good. One thing I remember, though, is that parking is limited and taxis have to do a fair bit of manouevring to get there. You might also want to check your potential date against any sports events, as that can also have a big impact.

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        Went to a wedding reception there this past January. Food was very good and well presented..only complaint was the long wait between courses. Not sure if it was set up that way or not. We had a fabulous salad, soup, pasta and melt in your mouth beef.
        Dessert was a sampling of 4 items and was very good.
        You will have a beautiful reception in a gorgeous location!

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          Thanks all, I just heard back from Palais Royale, and even with a fairly standard menu, it works out over $100 more per person than comparable venues...very unfortunate, because I just fell in love with the place!!! Thanks for all your comments though!

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            St. Lawrence Hall is another classic venue with good catering.

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              Thanks, unfortunately, it's not big enough... Chinese on my side, Italian on his. Need I say more?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Average food...HUGE wait between courses...dinner lasted forever...I thought
          the bride planned it that way..but she didn't, made for a very late night of speeches..people were exhausted before the dancing even started.
          Some people got h'orderves some didn't ...they sure were not plentiful

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            The wait time between meals at the Palais Royale does tend to be quite long, that is generally due to the way things have been arranged by the wedding planner and/or couple. Speeches, and presentations can slow down service. Plating, and serving times are always as fast as possible and rival any banquet hall.

            The number of H'ordeuvres is determined by the couple when they decide on the meal. The numbers generally range from 3-8 H'ordeuvres per person, unfortunately people crowd around the entrances and servers are not always able to get to every guest.

          2. of all the wedding factories i have been to in toronto, palais royale was for sure one of the prettiest (i dig the old style jazzy theme, as opposed to the traditional look of wedding halls which sort of resemble my grandma's ugly couch) and the food was fairly good.

            now, i say 'fairly good' b/c i'm just not convinced that cooking for 300 is ever fantastic. unfortunately, it's pretty impossible to cook 300 fantiastic meals and present them all at once.

            having said that - PR did a pretty good job as far as food goes. i actually went there for our office christmas party (not bad in a recession, no?). i missed the appetizers, so i cannot comment. but the dinner was a nice soup (can't recall), a basic salad (average) and the main was this pan fried turkey (it could have been chicken....again, can't recall) with a cranberry and orange stuffing, pan jus and veggies. it was lovely, in my opinon. and better than most halls' attempt at poultry.

            i don't know - if you like the venue, go for it. the best weding food i've had has been at restaurants, which for most, is impossible due to numbers. i'd say PR is one of the better ones.