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Oct 14, 2008 07:13 PM

Thanksgiving in Baltimore - No Buffet!

My husband and I will be spending Thanksgiving in Baltimore and we're looking for a dinner recommendation. It doesn't have to be a restaurant serving turkey and trimmings, and we definitely don't want a buffet. Just a nice, elegant, meal that has a decent martini and wine list. Thank you!

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  1. The Ambassador Dining Room was open on Thanksgiving last year. The food is good, not great. There is better tasting indian food in Baltimore (search this board for more about that). It is one of the better spaces in town and It certainly approaches elegant: waiters wear tuxedos. Your fellow dinners dress will vary. I can't comment on the martini or wine list.

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      Thank you. So, the Ambassador Dining Room is the one where the waiters wear tuxedos? I don't think we want Indian food, although it's good to know that Baltimore has good Indian restaurants. What about Windows? Or something like that? Is that on the top floor of the WTC? I guess by "elegant" I meant not a McCormick & Schmicks or Rusty Scupper. I see there is a Morton's in Baltimore...

    2. Several years ago I consumed an elegant Thanksgiving meal at Charleston. There were several options on the menu, including a very elegant version of turkey. It was a quiet day to be in that part of the city- no parking issues and the service was impeccable (as it always is at Charleston!)

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