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Buying wine online- sites with free shipping?

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I'm always looking for deals on wines especially ones I've not tried before, from places I've never tried.
For out of the ordinary I've found garagiste.com. For general deals with a wide range of types & locations I buy regularly from Wine Library and their free daily shipping wine and also from Wine 'til Sold Out. WTSO usually has free shipping with a minimum buy.
So the question is where do you find deals online, preferably with free shipping?

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  1. I see you're in CA.
    Zachy's NY sends periodically their own truck from NY to CA.
    Become a customer, ship using their truck, no tax, no shipping charges ( but you got to pick up at their warehouse in the San Fernando Valley area).
    1) no written rules
    2) don't try this for a single bottle of two buck chuck
    3) do full cases
    4) be nice