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Oct 14, 2008 07:03 PM

Buying wine online- sites with free shipping?

I'm always looking for deals on wines especially ones I've not tried before, from places I've never tried.
For out of the ordinary I've found For general deals with a wide range of types & locations I buy regularly from Wine Library and their free daily shipping wine and also from Wine 'til Sold Out. WTSO usually has free shipping with a minimum buy.
So the question is where do you find deals online, preferably with free shipping?

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  1. I see you're in CA.
    Zachy's NY sends periodically their own truck from NY to CA.
    Become a customer, ship using their truck, no tax, no shipping charges ( but you got to pick up at their warehouse in the San Fernando Valley area).
    1) no written rules
    2) don't try this for a single bottle of two buck chuck
    3) do full cases
    4) be nice