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Oct 14, 2008 06:28 PM

Gourmet - First Taste: Tarry Lodge, as related by bon vivant Colman Andrews [moved from Tristate Board]

Port Chester folks: you'd better prepare yourselves for the Batali–Bastianich-Gourmet-Colman-Andrews attitude toward you before venturing inside.

From the Gourmet/Colman Andrews "First Taste":

"a juicy grilled guinea hen with braised radicchio and oranges (described on the menu as chicken because, well, as our waitress said, “This is Port Chester”)"


“This is Port Chester”???

Sounds like an apology to me: Sorry, sir, but keep in mind where we are!

So Port Chester people don't know guinea hen from chicken?

So these big-city sophisticates have to translate their menus for us country bumpkins?

And have their wait staff make snide remarks about us besides?

This is a very awkward and rude first step that this new enterprise is trying to put into the community here.

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    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

      tell me you folks are kidding, you can't be that thin skinned...???

      1. Ok, that bites,but how was the food?

        1. It sounds to me like this was an ad hoc explanation given by the server. It could backfire though, because I'd be more inclined to order guinea hen than chicken. I've never had guinea hen!

          1. I wonder where this fancy waitress is from.

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            1. re: shellyesq

              Hmm - It's described on the menu as guinea hen ( - perhaps that was just a change, or the menu in the restaurant was different from what's online?