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Oct 14, 2008 06:15 PM

Tortilla Flats Providence

Going to Tortilla flats on Sat. night, it's not my choice but being from out of town I don't really get to choose. Is there any hope for dinner here? I think I wondered in once for a drink but have no clue about the food. I am sure it is not authentic Mexican but as Tex-Mex goes is it Border Cafe-esque? Cactus Club? just how bad is it?

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  1. It's bad. Sub-Cactus Club. Drink liberally.

      1. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh. They probably only have Cuervo just to really kick me in the shins.

        1. As I recall, the chips and salsa weren't bad, it's just the rest of the menu that's crummy.

          1. Yep, count me as another vote for bad. And yet always so jammed-packed with students. Clearly the east side cries out for a good Mexican restaurant!