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Tortilla Flats Providence

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Going to Tortilla flats on Sat. night, it's not my choice but being from out of town I don't really get to choose. Is there any hope for dinner here? I think I wondered in once for a drink but have no clue about the food. I am sure it is not authentic Mexican but as Tex-Mex goes is it Border Cafe-esque? Cactus Club? just how bad is it?

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  1. It's bad. Sub-Cactus Club. Drink liberally.

      1. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh. They probably only have Cuervo just to really kick me in the shins.

        1. As I recall, the chips and salsa weren't bad, it's just the rest of the menu that's crummy.

          1. Yep, count me as another vote for bad. And yet always so jammed-packed with students. Clearly the east side cries out for a good Mexican restaurant!

            1. Yes, really bad food. Even the salsa is pretty bad and they charge extra for it. What kind of Mexican place doesn't offer free chips and salsa? I usually stick to Mexican beer and the burritos which are at least edible. A few Modelo Especials and you can forget the rest.

              1. the food's not world-class mex but it's not garbage, either. it'll fill yer tank while you enjoy the margaritas - they're great, and the bar stocks just about any variety tequila you could name. same for mexican beers. (and as far as canteens go, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more diverse mix of patrons anywhere in the city - ie lotsa different types have been coming here for a long time, so they're doing something right.)

                curious to hear tex-mex alternatives from the nay-sayers out there, and your trip report.

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                  I think Chilango's has a much better tequila selection, and great food to boot.

                2. Decent Bar, decent Tequila selection, cheap beer, chips and salsa are alright, get the mixed or hot salsa, I honestly only have eaten appetizers there and the grilled chicken salad. I think the Painted Desert thingly Quessadillas or something are alright from what Ir recall.

                  It is RI, not exacty a hotbed of Mexican immigration and culture, take what you can get.