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Oct 14, 2008 06:13 PM

Colosseum-Rome-Where to eat

As a first-time Rome visitor, I'm looking for a nice place for wine-refreshing,get some rest and eat well,around the colosseum.

It doesn't need to be fancy or upscale.Just good.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Hostaria da Nerone - Via delle Terme di Tito, 96 Roma. We sat outside (April) and ordered pasta, pizzas and I ate artichokes and bread. It is just up the hill from the touristy spots and as we walked towards the Colosseum afterwards there was a bridge that we stopped and took pictures of the family with the Colosseum in the background. Good wine and friendly waiters set up a table for the five of us outside as they were pretty crowded that day for lunch.

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      I've had some hits and misses in Nerone. But one dish I would heartily recommend is the short pasta with pajata. If you've not tried pajata before, you should do so when in Rome. It may sound unusual (suckling lamb intestine; still filled with milk) but I can assure you that it is a delicious, classic Roman dish.

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        their oxtails (if you are there on oxtail day) are also very good.

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          Erica (or anyone else), I would like to try the pajata when in Rome in January, but am a little hesitant. Can you describe the flavor of the dish and the texture of the bits of intestine? Thanks

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            Stymie: I was leery, too. And my s/o, who is not an adventurous eater, was even more so. The "meat" is soft and the taste is mild. You would never know you were eating such an unusual animal part if someone placed the dish in front of you. The "meat" is chopped up, you are not getting any long strands of anything. I remember it is a pale color. I only had it once, at Nerone, so have nothing to compare it to, but it was really tasty!

            Also at Nerone I noticed an artichoke dish that many people were eating. I do not think it was on the menu so be sure to ask for the daily specials, at everyplace you eat. I think it is a good idea to enter into some kind of dialog with the waiters in Italy to be sure you are getting the best offerings of the day. I did not know this back then and ordered just from the menu, and I got a different artichoke dish (from their antipasto bar) that was not as good looking...that is just one example of how important it is to get the waiter's recommendations...

      2. Please try La Piazzetta ... very lovely atmosphere ... not just good, but great food ... prices are not as high as elsewhere in Rome, but a very good value for a great evening.
        La Piazzetta, vicolo del Buon Consiglio, 23a, Rome, (39-06) 6991640,

        1. I was going to make a recommendation on the "palgiata" but Erica beat me to it. The places immediately around the coliseum should be avoided.They are not bad, but they are high priced and by Italian standards, not exceptionally good. Behind the coliseum is a neighborhood called "Testaccio", which, when I was a kid was a less than desirable area. Now it is supposedly quite chic and desirable. There are a number of trattorias that specialize in REAL Roman food. Try Il Scopetarro on the banks of the Tiber next to the bridge that goes into Trastevere. tell the waiter you want to try the palgiata ( dee-lish!)and also other roman dishes and he will bring you out small dishes of several things. Try also the coda alla vatriciana (I'm spelling that incorrectly, i believe). It is real oxtails done in the roman style.You can read about this and othetrtestaccio restaurants on the web.
          Of course, we wil be expecting a report!

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            Thanks everybody so far!
            PeggyD: Certanly i'' check La piazzetta out...
            Raspano:Are you certain of teh "II scopetarro" spelling.I've googled it ang found nothing.

            Anyone knows anything about "La Taverna del foro imperiali"?Worth it a visit too?

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              Lo Scopettaro is the correct spelling. I used to think it was a nifty old typical place, which it was, but some years ago we found the prices had risen and the quality dropped and haven't been back.

              Pagliata, pajata, and paiata are correct spellings.

              Near the Colosseum, which is where I live, Nerone and La Piazzetta are our favorites. Nerone is more rustic, shall we say. Spurred by Internet postings, we tried Taverna dei Fori Imperiali a few weeks ago and were underwhelmed. It was pretty good, but we would never choose it over La Piazzetta.

              The artichoke dish at Nerone Erica mentions is undoubtedly carciofo alla romana, a braised whole artichoke, very typical of Rome. Nerone does it very well.

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                I enjoyed Bar Cavour, which also has a deli-style takeout/prepared foods counter, if you want to take something away.

            2. Hello, I don't remember how near, but I suggest the Kosher Restaurant in the Ghetto. Interesting spot, Get the original Artichoke dish.