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Oct 14, 2008 05:49 PM

Route 11- Moved from Middletown!

Last w/e we went for our annual, autumn family activity- apple picking at Rinker's , lunch at Wayside and a visit to Route 11 for chips. Totally bummed when we found that Route 11 has moved to Mount Jackson, VA 30 miles away.

I just wanted to save any others the disappointment. I don't usually eat potato chips, but I loved the veggie chips (like Terra but local) but the crab and dill pickle are good too! I guess I'll salve my sorrow with another slice of sour cream apple pie.

Anyone know why they left or have an itinerary for fun in Mount Jackson?

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  1. Went and looked at their web site, there was an announcement on there about the move. I didn't know they had a jingle!

    1. Mount Jackson, just to let peopl know, is still on Rte 11 -- it's just farther south in the Valley. I made the drive from Middletown to New Market (Southern Kitchen) a few years back. I remember getting a very nice latte in either Mount Jackson or Woodstock, one of those cute little towns in the Valley.

      I think you can do some good antiquing in Mt Jackson, if that's your idea of fun.

      Also, if you are pressed for time, you can get down to Mt Jackson pretty quickly via I-281, which runs down the Valley a mile or so west of Rte 11.