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Anniversary Dinner - MSP

nymoving2004 Oct 14, 2008 05:27 PM

Any recommendations on an anniversary dinner with my wife....we've been to La Belle Vie (love it) & Chambers (like it enough to go back) and I was curious on top menus these days. So, with that said - where should we go?
La Belle Vie
Restaurant Max (never been)
Porter & Frye (never been)
....these are just ideas....i'm not set on any of these.

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  1. s
    soupkitten RE: nymoving2004 Oct 14, 2008 05:47 PM

    i'm guessing that of the 812,282 square mile area covered by the chowhound "midwest" board, the op is referring to the area known as "minneapolis, minnesota." :-P

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    1. re: soupkitten
      nymoving2004 RE: soupkitten Oct 14, 2008 05:54 PM

      yep. mpls

      1. re: nymoving2004
        soupkitten RE: nymoving2004 Oct 14, 2008 06:02 PM

        sorry op-- did not mean any snark directed at you-- the midwest board is too big, i think, and it bugs me. that's totally my own issue.

        to answer you, i'd go back to la belle vie-- but i haven't made it to p&f or max yet either, so i fear i'm not really being helpful. dh and i also love going to alma, and usually go around our anniversary. do you want something very romantic/elegant, very high level of service, great wine list, great execution/interesting menu options? what's important to you both?

        1. re: soupkitten
          nymoving2004 RE: soupkitten Oct 14, 2008 06:21 PM

          no worries...i usually put 'mpls' on it, but i keep forgetting that we are posting messages that compete with cities bordering the Gulf of Mexico up to Canada.....i'm leaning towards La Belle Vie.Well executed food is the priority.......but we always like to try new places. That is why i was curious about P&F and Max. We just had our first child 6 weeks ago, so this will be the first time that we've had time alone -- so a romantic/elegant spot will be preferable. I'll look at Alma....but keep the recommendations coming. I've got 8 days to line something up.

          1. re: nymoving2004
            tex.s.toast RE: nymoving2004 Oct 14, 2008 07:01 PM

            I'd consider Fugaise, if you were looking to branch out from the places you've been to. Had a really phenomenal meal there last month.

    2. katebauer RE: nymoving2004 Oct 14, 2008 07:53 PM

      Funny - our anniversary is next week and we have an 11 week old baby. We're going to La Belle Vie because we wanted the over the top experience and we haven't been there in about 2 years.

      We go to Alma more often, and always have a great experience there. In my mind it's more of a date night place than an anniversary place. Mostly because the service, while good, isn't nearly as attentive as somewhere like La Belle Vie.

      Fugaise however does provide that special occasion attentiveness. I find the interior a bit depressing, but the food and service are outstanding.

      I haven't been to Chambers, Max or P&F yet.

      1. bob s RE: nymoving2004 Oct 14, 2008 09:15 PM

        I love both LBV and Chambers and will try Porter & Frye as well. I'm curious though about why you put Restaurant Max on the same list. Have you heard that it's on the same level? I work across the street from it, but have yet to go there. From what I've heard from my co-workers, it's fine but not transcendental. But I have no way of calibrating their chowhoundiness.

        Looking at your list of Downtown Minneapolis restuarants, I'd add Cosmos, 112 Eatery, Vincent and Lurcat (more for the overall romance of the place) to your list of possibilities. Haven't been to D'Amico Cucina for years, so perhaps I'd add that as another possibility as well.

        1. Jordan RE: nymoving2004 Oct 15, 2008 04:50 AM

          La Belle Vie is tops.

          Vincent is also excellent. (People seem to have forgotten about it.)

          1. BigSal RE: nymoving2004 Oct 15, 2008 04:51 AM

            I recently celebrated an anniversary at LaBelle Vie and was not disappointed. It was such a wonderful dinner . We started with the carmelized Foie Gras with Apples, Fennel and Calvados. It was delightfully rich-perfect for the Fall. I had an asparagus salad with pancetta and butter poached egg. Delicious. The flavors were wonderful. I love the aspargus and egg yolk combination. I ended my meal with the arctic char with porcini and truffles. All the flavors just melted in my mouth. Wonderfully decadent flavors.
            We have also had some wonderful meals at D'Amico Cucina. I love the egg yolk ravioilo with browned butter and lobster gnocci there.

            1. The Dairy Queen RE: nymoving2004 Oct 15, 2008 07:22 AM

              I think Meritage in downtown St. Paul is an adorably romantic spot to celebrate an anniversary or other special occasion. I also like Heartland, especially if I can get them to seat me in the little nook.


              1. f
                FireRev RE: nymoving2004 Oct 15, 2008 10:24 AM

                I've become a huge fan of Porter & Frye. In fact, my wife and I are planning our upcoming 10th anniversary celebration, and it will include dinner at P&F.

                Here's what you do: Call them to make your reservation. Tell them you're interested in the tasting menu, and they will transfer you to the kitchen. The phone will be picked up by Steven, the chef, or one of his sous chefs. They will ask you your likes and dislikes, and then put together a fantastic meal for you. It will be customized for you! You like foie gras...you got it! You like duck...they'll include it. We've become partial to a 7-course menu they're charging us $70 for. It's a bargain. And it's obvious the chefs have a ball putting the meal together! It's like your own, personal night of "Top Chef!"

                You'll be treated like a king and queen!

                1. s
                  soupkitten RE: nymoving2004 Oct 16, 2008 11:25 AM

                  the current city pages review (r. hutton) is on restaurant max, fwiw


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