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Indian Restaurant on LI

We are looking for a Chow worthy Indian restaurant on LI.
Any recommendations?

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  1. i like this place on jericho tpke and 110 - royal kebab - i used to like it , but that was before I moved to little india.. so i might be better informed now. will have to go back sometime.

    1. There is a place in Huntington Village that is passable. Can't remember the name. I have been told by Indian friends that there are some authentic places in Hicksville but have yet to check it out myself.

      1. I heard there a good one in Rockville Centre, on the Sunrise Highway

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          that's tandoor grill.pretty good.

          these days we prefer south indian dosas style.in hicksville there's house of dosas and in new hyde park there's madras woodlands.both great and 100% vegetarian.

        2. Curry Club - corner of Nicolls Road & Route 25A in Stony Brook. Simply delicious authentic Indian Cuisine.

          1. Hicksville is the place to look for a variety of fine Indian restaurants. I liked Diwan in H'ville a great deal, and also have had great meals at Curry Club in Setauket/Stony Brook.

            1. Lots of choices in Hicksville, but our favorites are Diwan for a full menu, and House of Dosas for vegetarian. Both delicious.

              1. My choice for the best buffet is Kiran Palace in the Delco Plaza on OC Road and Rte 106 or is it 107.Selections change and it has no dishes with intense heat.

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                  I like Kiran for dinner. Rt. 107 shopping center. Found them first in Entertainment discount book.

                2. Had lunch buffet today -- Christmas day! -- at a tiny hole in the wall at 247 Jericho Turnpike, while visiting a friend in hospital at Winthrop University Hospital. I noticed 4 Star Indian Cuisine on the way to the hospital, before it opened at noon -- a woman sweeping near the front door, with two or three little kids running around her.

                  I'm pretty certain that she's the chef, her husband the waiter and proprietor, and the kids were back in the kitchen with Mom the whole day.

                  When we went back for the buffet lunch, there were only four tables set up, with the buffet taking up the other side of the store -- 6 or 7 main dishes, all Punjabi standards, plus two desserts, the requisite rice, and some "salad" vegetables. We particularly enjoyed the navrattan korma, the kadi rakurba, and the curried goat, but everything was delicious, in home-made style -- not showy, not overheated, just delicious. And with my thick cup of tea prepared Indian style, with spices, milk and two or three sugars ($2), the two of us stuffed ourselves for less than $18 before tax! Unlike most Indian buffets I've eaten at, the naan was included in the basic buffet price, not tacked on.

                  This place is the essence of Chowhound-style Indian food. I can't wait for an excuse to go back to the neighborhood for dinner!

                  Five Star Indian Cuisine
                  247 Jericho Tpke, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

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                    Nice find, I have grown a little bored with my regular places in the area (Heritage,Santoor and Fiza) and would love a cheap spicy alternative. Do you know if the buffet is lunch only and is it available on weekends?

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                      As far as I know, the buffet is weekday lunch only, but give 'em a call and ask!