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Oct 14, 2008 05:21 PM

Cheap & Light Eats in/near Little Tokyo?

Heading to an early matinee show this Sunday and since I'll be having a heavy brunch, looking for an inexpensive, light late "lunner" in Downtown or Little Tokyo (in the past I'd usually do Daikokuya or Pitfire Pizza, but both will probably a bit too heavy for me that day).

Currently craving soba noodles or spring rolls, so appreciate any recs that have those but not a must.

Thanks in advance for the help!


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  1. I'd go for a light meal @izayoi

    1. Koraku on 2nd street (near San Pedro) in Little Tokyo. Kind of a Japanese coffee shop type of place with noodles, ramen, rice dishes, you name it. You can look at the plastic food display in the front window. Cheap, good and light if you want it that way.

      1. Suehiro or East, both on First St. between Central and San Pedro.

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          Heh, that's actually my usual spot for lighter japanese fare (I usually get the oroshi soba), trying to see if there's a new place to mix things up a little. Thanks though!


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            Try the lunch/cafe/counter in the Marukai at the mall on 3rd & Alameda............pretty good and really inexpensive.

        2. Warung. We went there for late night food a few weeks ago, and it was v tasty. I would try to be more descriptive, but it was late night. More fusion than Izakaya, but tasty and lots of choices.

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            Alas, Warung's closed on Sundays -- otherwise that'd shoot up to the top of my list.