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Oct 14, 2008 05:16 PM

Tell me about Lineage recently...

looking to go soon since I live in the area and have been meaning to do it. looking to go their for a second date... We went to Eastern Standard last week and it was great. I dont want someplace that is too quiet, and Im afraid thats what I might be getting...

Another thought I had was Azure down in Copley. Whatever bar is in that lobby has always looked rather nice but Ive never poked my head in before. Hoping it wont be too bad on a Thursday right after work

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  1. Lineage is pretty quiet altho the bar has a little more liveliness. And those $1 oysters from 5-6. City Bar in the Lenox Hotel is pretty jumping altho if you go right after work, it won't be too crazy. The bar at Azure itself is really pretty but also fairly quiet. A couple other thoughts, the Davio's bar which I think usually has the right amount of a scene without being too crowded. And Bar 10 in the Westin.

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      any other good choices in the area?

      Fireplace seems to be the only other that is popping in my head...?

      or is Lineage my best bet for some drinks and maybe apps at the bar?

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        Eh, you might consider Washington Square Tavern, which has decent chow for entrees and is not too quiet. It's a little more informal than the places you've been suggesting though.

        How about Orinoco or Pomodoro in Brookline Village? Too intimate for second dates maybe.

        You can always take her to Dok Bua and find out if she is chowish.

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          There's also La Morra, it's got a cute little bar. And Beacon St. Tavern. That's the Brookline area, do you want Copley too. I think City Bar is fine for what you're looking for.

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      1. Can anyone discuss the food at Lineage? I've heard mixed things...would love to get a recent consensus.

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          The food at Lineage is very consistent. I rarely think that it is going to blow you away but it is always going to arrive at your table hot and well seasoned. I'm not sure if that sounds like much of a compliment but it my world it is. There is nothing worse that having a preciously plated dish arrive at your table and be barely room temperature and desperately in need of some sodium. One of the greatest strengths of Lineage is that that there is usually a great soup on the menu often times served along with some light and airy fried beignets. I know that as of late they often serve a 3 or 4 course prix fix that has been of good value some times focusing on lobster or mushrooms.

        2. Lineage has some items that are usually on the menu that we love: a great salmon with gnocchi, some very tasty, tender lamb, excellent risotto, soups that are a blessing, an earthy roasted beet and goat cheese salad, lovely hot rolls, outstanding desserts. The menu changes with what's fresh and we usually go with the seasonal. The lobster tacos are amazing and their summer gazpacho was heaven. All that said, the servings are not large for the money, not hearty. That's good for me; I like to have room for all my courses including the butterscotch pudding. But the bill does run up.
          We like to sit at the bar for oysters and a good drink or two first, then move to a table. If you would like activity around you, ask for a table near the bar by the windows. It's good people watching in all directions.
          Bottom line: really good food for a price.