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Oct 14, 2008 05:14 PM

Which of Three Italian Restaurants

Looking for Italian reasonable cab ride from Magnificent Mile area. Looking at Mia Francesca, Tuscany on Taylor and Rosebud on Rush. Which to choose?

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  1. Given the choices listed, I would probably go with Mia Francesca. But why not try Cafe Spiaggia - "the more casual sibling of renowned Spiaggia" that is right there on Michigan Avenue? That would be my preference by far!


    1. I would take Cafe Spiaggia over any of them. Right at the north end of the Mag Mile, no need for a cab. Another good choice is Pane Caldo, right near Cafe Spiaggia, except if price is a factor (Pane Caldo is significantly more expensive than Cafe Spiaggia).

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        Taking your advice and have made reservations at Cafe Spaggia. Thank you all for your helpful advice.