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Oct 14, 2008 05:05 PM

Urasawa - dress code?


I'll be going to Urasawa for the first time and I'm wondering what to wear. For people that went, is it very casual or formal?


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  1. The only formal dress codes in the place are Hiroyuki-san's and crew.
    (BTW, 10 people max)

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    1. re: RicRios

      Thank you. I already have my reservation. I'm flying from Canada for a conference and can't wait to experience this!

      I checked some pictures on Flickr and everybody seem to be dressed causually, nothing too formal. So I'll leave my tie and jacket at the hotel :)

    2. No dress code.

      Just make sure to wear something you'll be comfortable eating in for about 3+ hours.

      1. Though there is no formal dress code, most people tend to dress up a bit. I usually wear nice jeans and a long-sleeve button shirt, sometimes with a blazer.

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          1. re: ns1

            Yes, nice jeans. Do you take issue to that? ;)

            1. re: kevin h

              Not I, as I wear the same thing when eating out. Gotta love LA!

        1. I suppose my only dress code recommendation would be dark sunglasses and earplugs, as a result of the incessant flash bulbs flashing and shutters clicking all around you.

          The omakaserazzi are in full force there.

          Good luck!

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          1. re: JE33

            Agree with that! I've been dying to go, but will not have my evening ruined by people who have to preserve every moment. I know it's my loss, but the frustration isn't worth it.

            1. re: annalulu

              Put together a group of 10, get the entire space for yourselves, omakaserazzi-less guaranteed!

              1. re: RicRios

                I'm in. JE33, are you in? Anyone else?

                1. re: annalulu

                  I'm IN, just send me a buzz.

                  HOWEVER, a note of caution: beware if you put together the group, you'll have to pay for any no-shows. CCard or friend's face (basically, same thing) warranty required up-front.

                    1. re: annalulu

                      I would be one of those people to ruin your evening by taking photos. I am addicted to amateur food photography. Although I do go "flashless" at Urasawa, due to its decent lighting.

                      Sorry, I am seeking a 12-step program for this as we speak. Either that, or buy me yet another 2 terabyte hard drive, please....

                      1. re: J.L.

                        Flash is definitely unnecessary at Urasawa. Even though I do take photos, I am also annoyed by those who use flash.

                        It was interesting to note that on my last visit, the majority of people did have cameras, while on my first visit, my dining companion and I were the only ones. Perhaps food photography is becoming more mainstream?

                        1. re: kevin h

                          Yes, more and more people are taking photos of their food. I took my camera to Urasawa on my only visit there and the only problem I had was shooting each piece of sushi since you are supposed to consume it immediately. I don't drag my camera everywhere and I never (ok, rarely) use the flash, so if it's too dark then I'm out of luck.

                2. re: JE33

                  "omakaserazzi". You are my new vocab idol! lol