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Oct 14, 2008 04:09 PM

Ideas needed for my big self-indulgent pity party

OK, here's the deal, I've been going through a personal crisis and have made a decision that will ultimately lead to a lot of grieving on my part. Throughout this ordeal, I've not given in to self pity, I haven't eaten my way through a box of truffles or a plate of pasta. I've avoided indulging by opting to eat healthy and if I have indulged I have included lots of exercise to compensate. Now it is time to give into pity and give comfort food its rightful place in my life. Tonight I am going to a bakery to get a decadent dessert, the wine shop for a beyond my budget but I'm worth it bottle of wine and a pizza with lots of cheese. Next weekend I have no plans, so I need some ideas on what to make. What's your go to recipe/favorite food to purchase in time of crisis? I eat almost anything; however, having moved recently my kitchen is ill equipped as I have downsized. So the easier the food is to prepare the better. I love stews, soups and about anything braised. I have a plethora of good grocery stores to choose from if that matters. Thanks

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  1. You sound long overdue for a pity party, you poor dear! I found a new indulgence last night, from pondrat on another thread.

    Combine in a gratin dish:
    Crumbled gorgonzola
    Artichoke (I used canned)
    Heavy cream
    Fresh Sage
    Fresh Parm

    Bake for 20ish minutes at 375, mmm.

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    1. re: yamalam

      That sounds great....add a loaf of good bread to your bakery shopping list to go with that one!

      I have to say, in tough times cooking got me through it. Reading cookbooks, planning shopping lists, going to the farmer's market or shops to buy the ingredients, making the food, then eating it.

      Lately been fond of making a good soup in the slow cooker (beef barley, split pea with hamhock, morrocan chickpea, lentil and greens with linguica). When returning from work, you smell dinner. It's as if someone's been cooking for you all day!!
      Good luck and may your cooking adventures bring you much pleasure and strength.

    2. First of all, I'm sorry for the pain that you are going through and hope that time will make things better. This weekend I made beef ribs in the crockpot with soy sauce, orange juice, five spice powder and honey. So delicious and smells just great. I also think that homemade mashed potatoes are just so comforting. Also, gooey brie and a baquette always makes me feel better.

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      1. re: DaisyM

        Okay, stop right there...hand over that recipe (please) sounds SO good, Daisy...did you brown up the short ribs first? Thanks!

        1. re: Val

          I cut off as much fat as possible and then browned the ribs and blotted them. I threw them into the crock pot and added 1/2 cup of low sodium soy, about 3/4 cup of oj and a little apple cider (I had it on hand and thought it might be good), one sliced onion, some five spice powder, and maybe 3 tablespoons of honey. The meat just fell off the bones. I served it over rice and it was terrific....and so easy. I think you can adjust this dish any way you want. I'd probably add some crushed red pepper to it, too.

          1. re: DaisyM

            Thanks much, Daisy...sounds very good!

            1. re: Val

              Beef spareribs or shortribs??
              -oops, this question is for Daisy.

            2. re: DaisyM

              How long did you cook it for? On high or low?

        2. My go to comfort dish is a nice wedge of brie wrapped up in some pastry dough and baked until golden. I eat this with slices of granny smith apple and let the emotional healing begin...

          1. I'm sorry for your crisis; sometimes the best thing is a simple grilled cheese or a great BLT--using the last of these great summer tomatoes. Toast is always healing.

            Supplement with tapioca, rice or chocolate pudding and a GREAT glass (or three )of wine---I'd say something oaky and punchy, or bubbly.

            Sloppy Joes also + love, esp. with crappy soft white buns. Maybe some tater tots along side, and bought cole slaw or bean salad?

            Hang in there, let us know what's working/ not working for you!

            1. My favorite pity party dishes are really great homemade mac-n-cheese with lots of delicious cheese, chicken and dumplings, and really great mashed potatoes (made with skins still on, of course). Serve with a bottle of whiskey, a good book, and ridiculous new shoes.