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Oct 14, 2008 03:50 PM

First time Ice Cream maker Buyer

Hello--- I am REALLY in love with Stone Cold Creamery's ice cream and their ability to blend different batters into their ice cream perfection-- BUT unfortunately, the prices are WAAY too steep/expensive-- so I am deciding to buy myself an ice cream maker... I just want a good quality ice cream maker that can make me ice cream like Stone Cold's, and will allow me to blend batters, such as cookie dough into the ice cream...
-- I am going to be the only one eating it, and I eat it sparingly-- so there is no need for something huge, and should I worry myself over makers that self-cool?? They are pretty expensive...

Please help...

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  1. I've got the Kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment and it works very well. But if you don't have a Kitchenaid mixer to begin with, you might want to go with a cheaper option.

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      I have the Kitchenaide ice cream attachment as well and I love it. I have only made a couple batches of ice cream with it but they were both fantastic. If you have a kitchenaide I would go with this option.

    2. The self-cooling ones are definitely way too much product for you. I'd go with either Krups or Cuisinart; they make ones where you put the freezing canister in the freezer. They're good because they don't take up as much room as the self-cooling ones, and are significantly less expensive, costing only about 50 dollars. The downsides are that you have to either leave the canister in the freezer all the time or put it in there a day before you make ice cream (not a big deal, you can put things in the canister while it's in the freezer), and that you have to re-freeze the canister before making a second batch.

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        I had a Krups that was satisfactory until my habit made me buy a compressor model. The old Krups did a fine job for a single, small batch, so I agree with others that you should go that way if that's all you need, Regardless of brand, pick one that has a paddle (aka dasher) that stirs the mix, rather that a model that has a bowl that turns around the paddle (seems like a really dumb idea). If you already have a Kitchenaide stand mixer, Cook's Illustrated says the ice cream attachment works pretty well.

      2. You're right! You definitely don't need to have a self-cooling ice cream maker! They're convenient - but if you don't plan on making several batches at a time - you don't need to buy this fancy of an ice cream maker.

        I have a Cusinart ice cream maker - and we make at least 1 batch of ice cream a week! It's still holding up after 2 years! It's not a self-cooling model either...although we never dreamed of using it this much when we first got it! We just fell in love with homemade ice cream! So, I suggest a Cusinart model. You'll be happy with the price and the quality.

        1. If you are going to be the only one eating the ice cream, and you don't plan on eating a lot, then the self-contained freezer units are way too much machine for you at the prices they sell for.

          I have the cuisinart and I love it. I keep the cannister in the freezer at all times.

          1. My Cuisinart came with two bowls.