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Oct 14, 2008 03:45 PM

Vegas Restaurant Help

I have a set of interesting requirements to fill for booking restaurants for weekend after next so would love some help -

On the Saturday night I will have a group of 8 - my in-laws, my folks, friends of my in-laws, and my husband and I. My in-laws and their friends are staying at Bellagio. My folks and my husband and I are staying at the Wynn. That means that night anywhere is really fair game since at least 4 of us will have to travel to another hotel anyway.

On the Sunday night I will have the group of 8. We have a 10:30 show for O at the Bellagio so we want to eat near or at Bellagio.

On the Monday night it's just my folks and my husband and I. Figured we'd eat at the Wynn since we're all there.

I don't want to book outlandishly priced meals as I don't know how much the couple my in-laws are bringing are accustomed to spending.

Was thinking for the Monday night we'd do Daniel Boulud Brasserie, so I don't think we'll do French another night as well.

For the Saturday night where we can go to any property I'm thinking Enoteca San Marco or B+B. I've seen such mixed reviews on both but know everyone likes Italian and would find it fun eating at a Batali restaurant. Pricing at Enoteca San Marco would be preferable but I want to make sure dinner is good more importantly.

For the night at or near Bellagio I'm really struggling. I've been looking a lot at Caesars, Forum Shops at Caesars, and Bellagio. Keep feeling like we're stuck with super pricey or not so good.

Any recommendations?

I appreciate the help!

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  1. For your night at or near Bellagio, how about Mesa Grill? The food is very good and it's not horrendously pricey.

    1. Prix Fixe at Le Cirque is $98 and worth every penny. Not sure if one considers that "super pricey"

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      1. re: uhockey

        Does anyone know how much the tasting menu is at Michael MIna?

        1. re: texasgirl

          Michael Mina's web site ( lists the Cookbook Tasting Menu and Seasonal Tasting Menu at $115, and the Vegetarian Tasting Menu at $85. Wine pairings run from $65 to $95.

      2. Mon Ami Gabi is a not-too-formal French restaurant in the Paris hotel across from Bellagio. Prices are reasonable, service is friendly and patient. The food is outstanding. The view is incredible at night (you can see the Bellagio fountains). Reservations required.

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          Do you think Mon Ami Gabi and Daniel Boulud Brasserie in one trip would be French overkill? I could always swap out Daniel Boulud Brasserie...

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            I've never been to Daniel Boulud Brasserie, so I can't speak to their menu. But Mon Ami Gabi offers very classic French fare. Here's what my friend and I ordered on my most recent visit: carrot slaw, French onion soup, pate, steak frites and skate with garlic chips. Below are photos of the steak and skate. Notice the interesting shape of those frites. They were great!

            1. re: mrsricho

              Different styles. The DB experience would be french w/an eclectic touch while MAG is more classical bistro. However, dining outside at MAG makes it a better choice, if you have to choose, IMHO.

          2. I've eaten at both Olives and Circo in The Bellagio. Both meals were very good, service was also excellent at both, and reasonably priced (for strip hotels). However, of the 2, I enjoyed Circo a little more. I don't seem to see as many reviews about Circo, but my wife and I really enjoyed the experience. Enjoy!

            1. Avoid B&B unless you like oversalted food.

              Bartolotta and Alex, at Wynn, are outstanding restaurants, best in class, but very expensive, so you should avoid them.

              I agree that Mon Ami Gabi, at Paris, is fairly priced and wonderful.

              Spago, in the Forum shops, is always good.

              All the fairly-priced, and outstanding, restaurants are off the strip.