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Oct 14, 2008 03:42 PM

East Bay Restaurant Rec Required!


Here is what we need...

A restaurant in the East Bay. Wine-friendly food. (eg. not Indian.) Apps somewhere in the $8-$18 range. Main coures somewhere in the $18-$30 range. Relaxed environment. Low corkage with good stemware. Able to accomodate 10+ people on a Wednesday.

Any ideas?

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  1. Are you willing to come to Alameda? Pappo could handle a group like that. Or Acquacotta if you want to try something really new, although I'm not sure if Acquacotta is taking reservations yet.

    1. Dopo would work, and I've seen parties of 10 there, though it probably couldn't go much higher than that. Their corkage is low.

      I don't know what the corkage is like at A Cote, but they would work at one of the big tables.

      1. Mezze is a contender.

        Mezze Restaurant & Bar
        3407 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610

        1. Riva Cucina is totally wonderful, able to seat 10 and with a curtain to divide you from the rest of the place (if you discuss first, I assume). Also, the best, most authentic light northernish Italian.

          Riva Cucina
          800 Heinz Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710

          1. If you're planning on bringing remarkable wines as your post implies, you might want to think about a smaller place and discussing a paired meal with the chef. Given it is a Wednesday they may have time and interest. A small glass from each bottle could easily make that corkage disappear.