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Oct 14, 2008 03:21 PM

experiment: daifuku (mochi)

just had a first try at making daifuku this long weekend

i don't really have a recipe to share, but it went something like this:
~9 parts glutinous rice flour
~5 parts water (or until it's "soft as an earlobe")
~1.5 parts sugar

mix well, microwave on high (700W) for 2 min. stir alot. heat for another 2 min.
stir like crazy. throw it out on a floured surface. shape into a snake (for ease of cutting).
insert your frozen filling of your choice.

i filled mine with azuki paste with chestnut bits, and some with sweetened yam (in honour of thanksgiving?) then rolled some of them in a mix of kinako-flour-sugar

they're all in the freezer now, but when i made them fresh, the mochi was soft like the chinese version, chewy, filled with peanuts nd rolled in coconut.
the same is if you take them out of the freezer and microwave them for about 40 seconds.

for the firm texture, like ice cream daifuku bought in store packages, let it defrost in the refrigerator.

next time i'll experiment a little more with the fillings, and attempt to not make them frown-y

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  1. guess my images didn't show up in the OP

    1. Your experiment uses a little less sugar and a little more water than I use - how was the balance of texture and flavor?

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      1. re: todao

        i wasn't sure about the ratio so i was winging it, although i've made something like this before (for chinese dessert soup... coconut milk, taro and sago)

        the texture is a bit softer than i prefer, so perhaps i'll try it again, with proper measuring. it's *just like* the chinese mochi, except those snowballs are rather large and with a thicker shell. perhaps i'll try it again with less water; MAYBE it'll help with the moulding as well.

        i added 1/8 cup of sugar at a time, and just tasted it until it seemed right. i don't like things too sweet though, so i could have added less than what is typical - just a hint of sweetness to overcome the flouriness.

      2. I just discovered these at a local Japanese grocery store, and was wondering how long they'll keep in the fridge? I would love to buy several for the holiday weekend but wasn't sure how long they kept in the fridge? Thanks!