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Oct 14, 2008 02:46 PM

Campbell Apt.: Should I be Angry?


(If this is under the wrong Chow Board I apologize.)

Hello fellow posters.

I am trying to decide if I am being foolish, or if I should be as cheesed off as I am about the following event at the Campbell Apartment (henceforth C.A.). I will try to be brief (but will surely fail). (N.B. two of my friends who have been to C.A. think I should be cheesed off.)

Meeting scheduled at the C.A. regarding a fundraising event due to convenient location for all and quiet tone due to meeting being at 4 p.m. Four people, me from one place, three others coming from their location. I arrive early at the C.A., to get table.

I am wearing nice clothes. I am also using a cane due to spine issues causing horrid pain in left leg/foot (test coming up on the 23rd to determine if surgery needed, or if something nasty weird is going on. But I digress). Left foot cannot wear heels or stiff shoes. I am wearing a pair of Geox shoes, not flashy ones in the least, clean.

Hostess approaches. Informs me I cannot enter due to shoes. I am so astounded that my brain boggles and I blurt "I'm using a cane!" She clearly is not overwhelmingly happy to be telling me this. But she says the owners have a "Strict" dress code. I have been to C.A. before and seen some extremely NON-strict dress, but again I digress. I goggle at her and again say, "But I'm using a cane!!!"

Hostess says but people could see me in my horrid horrid shoes and think they could come and do the same. I hold up the cane and say "So show them the cane!"

Need I say that pain 24/7 can sometimes make you less than fabulously snappy and coherent.

Hostess then asks if I have shoes I can change into (er, no, sorry those HURT). I say that I have socks on. She looks unhappy -- I can tell that she feels bad, and she then looks over to the bartender, who clearly gets to call the shots.

He does not even look at me, He raises his chin and gives the smallest shake of his head. I felt like the poor girl in highschool getting Mean Girled to the extreme. Hostess goes I'm sorry, looking (I think to her credit) rather miserable.

He didn't even have the BALLS to LOOK at me! It was like an exaggerated snobby moment that is supposed to be parody in movies .

Hostess tells me I can of course sit at the lovely noisy spot outside. There my shoes will not offend.

So, I have to sit down at the bottom of their stairs on the marble banister holder waiting for my colleagues. While I am waiting people pass by and give me funny looks. But I have to meet my folks -- where else can I? If they come up in the elevator they will not find me in the lovely noisy boite outside.

The capper was as I waited looking like a fool, a couple emerge down the C.A. stairs. The man is not wearing "sneakers" but is wearing crappy jeans. God knows, perhaps they cost $500 to look that lousy, but THIS is a "strict dress code???"

My associates arrived -- one of whom I had never met before -- and were a trifle confused as to why I was a waif with my cane at the bottom of the stairs. As I got up and explained, we hit the stairs to go outside and as I make my way downstairs I blurted "For God's sake, I'm not carrying this thing because I want to be all Andre 3000! I need it!"

And I ended up getting many props for loving Outkast! It set the tone for what ended up being a VERY successful meeting.

At CIPRIANI in Grand Central, thank you very much.

So, one of the things that bothers me most about all this, is because my mum just got a new knee. I love her very much, she is a wonderful woman, and I cannot imagine her being subjected to this crap. Before she had a new knee, she was getting stress fractures in her foot due to the messed up way of walking caused by the bad knee. She HAD to wear things like (OH NO) Granny Sandals. Or tasteful sneaker things. If she found something that didn't hurt badly my goodness it was a blessing and practically a miracle. She needs her cane too. So I guess the halt and the lame are denied entry to the C.A.?

Please do not flame me if you think I am wrong to be angry and think this was not well handled. Feel free to disagree, but please no flaming -- I think this Board is better than that.

  1. Neither the bartender nor the hostess matter in this situation. They are pawns following the rules set by the owner. You need to write a letter to the owner and make him aware of the situation.

    1. Their "strict dress code" is obnoxious and stupid. The problem is that the hostess was probably instructed to allow no exceptions whatsoever.

      If it makes you feel any better, they do it to everyone. I wouldn't dwell on it if I were you. You still had a successful night, and you didn't have to go into a place where you might have felt self conscious anyway. If you found the staff condescending, just imagine what the clientele is like.

      1. I think it is outrageous,discriminatory and although I try to look at it "from the other point of view," I do not believe there is a defensible other point of view in this case. I don't know what Campbell Apartment is..perhaps the "spot of the moment." Let us hope its moment is very short.

        1. I think you were very poorly treated.

          I also disagree with the 'strict dress code' mentioned by egit (but agree with the rest of the post). They do not have a dress code other than the fact that they STATE they have a dress code which allows selective enforcement. Hence, the crappy jean guy being allowed and you being kicked to the side.

          Although, I suspect that if you would have spoken to the bartender (forced the issue by approaching him) and stated that you had a disability that prevented you from wearing other shoes, you might have shamed him into allowing you in...Many people go completely deer in headlights when that word comes up.

          I, personally, would have been livid and must commend you on your mature and professional response. I'm not sure if I could have restrained myself from confronting the bartender. Alas, I fear I'm becoming self-righteous in my middle-age.

          1. Oh my word, you acted so much nicer than I would have. I put have put the cane up the side of their heads. I am so sorry you were treated that way.

            I do not use a cane, but can't wear heels because of a bad back and other issues. No one has ever told me I could not come in because of my "ole lady" shoes. I am not sure what agency handles discrimination against handicapped, but you should find out and report the C.A.

            I would even call my local news agencies and report it. No way is that legal.