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Oct 14, 2008 02:38 PM

Recommendations in Fredericksburg?

My husband and I are planning a long weekend in Fredericksburg to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We would appreciate any recommendations - Thanks!!

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  1. Check some postings on the Texas board. I remember one is the last week or so.

    1. I love the Hilltop Cafe.

      Someone there pays a lot of attention to ingredients, and then combines them in delicious ways.

      Was in Fredericksburg last weekend for the Mesquite festival at the Marktplatz. I called on the drive there, and they still had availability for 6:00 and 5:30pm.

      From several visits, have totally enjoyed their:
      - flaming cheese appetizer
      - spinach salad
      - hangar steak with garlic and blue cheese
      - airline chicken
      - Becker vineyards wine by the glass

      Did not enjoy their crab cakes.

      Their pies look delicious but have always been too full to try them.

      Service was not good the first time, but very good the second.

      It has a "Gem in the neighborhood" feel. Also a fun people-watching place. It's a study in contrasts. Delicious food, artfully prepared, served from a place that looks like a gas station from the outside, filled with women with ultra-expensive/bizarre handbags and clothes as well as a slew of jacket-branded biker types. My server said he has served everyone from Matthew Mc. to the head of the CIA

      Remember to make reservations.

      I wanted to try someplace new (August E's), but the Hilltop exerted this magnetic force on the car.

      To get there, you take 87 north from town. When you pass the deer processing plant on the right you're getting closer. Be prepared to slam on brakes when you see the first 'gas station' on the left.

      1. I haven't been in about two years, but I do remember enjoying Cuvee (


        It has a really cool atmosphere (nice main dining area, a lounge upstairs, and a private basement room.

        Also, the owner Len, was very nice, and apparently knows a thing or two about wine.

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          Cuvee has closed and reopened as something else, very similar looking, though I haven't been there.

          CabbagePatch, my recommendations:

          Fine dining: Bon Terra, Navajo Grill, the Nest
          Bon Terra is eclectic, fun, and fairly delicious. Navajo Grill is more traditional upscale, but has been darn good. The Nest is pricey and classy with an interior decor that will remind you of Eastside Cafe; good food, but possibly trying too hard.

          Breakfast: Rathskellar's, Rather Sweet
          I love Rath's basement decor, but adore their biscuits and gravy. Haphazard and clumsy, but still pretty darn good. Rather Sweet has their moments, but is possibly riding on past successes at this point.

          German: Der Lindenbaum
          Much better than other options in town, authentic. Lots of other German places in town get their goods from Sysco trucks, so be careful.

          Best burger: August E's
          August E's is a very expensive upscale restaurant. They make their amazing burger from the trimmings of the fancier steaks and whatnot. The burger -- while hardly traditional -- may be the best I've ever had in my life. I've never had the upscale cuisine at August E's, just the burger.
          They were located out of town, but have moved to a more sensible location just a couple blocks behind main street.

          Best local wine spots: Becker Vineyards, Lincoln Street
          Becker isn't technically in Fburg, but their wines are the closest to good I've had in Texas. Lincoln Street is a wine bar, and while the prices aren't great, they'll open any bottle and pour it by the glass (or at least, they have for me).