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Oct 14, 2008 01:31 PM

Ktown foods that I won't find in NYC?

I'm headed to Los Angeles for work for a few days and am having dinner with some pals in Ktown. I'm pretty familiar with the Korean foods that are popular in New York (your basic kalbi & bulgogi, Korean fried chicken, Pinkberry & Red Mango, patbingsoo), but I know that Ktown in LA probably has MUCH more to offer.

Any suggestions on dishes I might not be able to find in New York? Thanks in advance.

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  1. do you all have samgyetang houses in nyc? we have at least two.

    1. What about soon dubu? Try Beverly Tofu House (on Olympic right off of Vermont) or BCD Tofu House (a few locations).

      1. Not sure how soondae is in NYC,but check out 8th st soondaefor best of Ktown has to offer. A hole in the wall, but it's widely known to have the best soondae in town.

        8th St Soondae

        -Gamjagol is known for their gamjatang- Some say it is on par with the offerings in Korea. Definately the best in Ktown by far.


        Crab stew? soup? Kkot gae tang is what im refering to.
        Try kokerang agurang and make sure to get the complimentary fried rice after the soup.

        Kokerang agurang

        1. How about the Northern Korean set menu from YongSuSan?

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            Sul Gom Tang, Eun Dae Gu Jorim, and all the daepo drinking place.. Ham Ji Park's entire menu is probably missing from that tiny strip of NYC Ktown as well. Then you have the plethora of naengmyun houses, mandu houses, etc.

            There are plenty of doobu houses in NYC, ditto to the NYC-first KFC.

          2. hi, one of my all time favorite korean dishes, kalbee jeem (a braised sweet beef stew with potatoes) is served at a korean restaurant in the strip mall on sixth and berendo (right across the street from pinkberry and fat fish) sorry i cant recall the name of the place. it is always busy and they have the best ban chan!