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Oct 14, 2008 01:25 PM

Lee/Lenox Area - Suggestions?

My boyfriend and I are planning our annual one night fall trip to the Berkshires. For the past two years we have eaten at Chez Nous Bistro. We have loved it both times, but we were wondering if anyone had any suggestions in the general vicinity along the same lines. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA has the best breakfast ever, according to my wife. I just checked it out on google maps and it has a cornucopia of positive feedback. We intended on going there when we were out there for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, but the wait was way too long for us to stick around for. They must be doing something right.

    If you go, do me the favor and let me know what you think of it.

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      Red Lion's breakfast may be good but their lunches and dinners are average at best. The menu is not very exciting at all (looks like it's frozen in time from the 70s) and the execution is uninspired. I highly second John Andrews.

    2. Chez Nous is so pleasant to be at, and so reliable (and so fairly priced) it's kind of hard to think of an equivalent hitting all those bases. But it would also be fun for you to try something new. Take a look at Rouge, in West Stockbridge. I'm sure lots of hounds will weigh in with their opinions on it and others. We haven't tried Alta in Lenox yet, but it sounds like it might be a fit. Have a great time when you do come!

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        Also a bit off the beaten path, but John Andrews is an excellent choice for the Berkshires

      2. You have to go to either Brix Wine Bar or Trattoria Rustica in Pittsfield, both around the corner from each other.

        1. We just had breakfast at the Red Lion and it was very good.
          I liked their home-made hash myself.
          Like others said dinner and lunch are just average and way overpriced for what you get.
          We ate at Rouge in West Stockbridge last week and the place is exceptional.
          We also had another dinner at Chez Nous and that was outstanding also;I especially liked their short ribs.
          The sauces they use really bring out the best in all their foods.
          Good Eating!
          Whether it's Chez Nous,John Andrews,or Rouge they are all outstanding and wonderful places to eat dinner.

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          1. re: catnip

            Brix is fabulous (altho I'd just as soon keep it a secret, L637, since there are no reservations). We ate there Friday night and had another wonderful meal. But it really is a sophisticated Parisian bistro kind of place, not at all "Berkshires"; the atmosphere at Chez Nous, John Andrews, or Rouge is quite different and so it becomes a matter of what the OP is looking for both in food and in ambiance.

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              Just wanted to thank you all for your suggestions - we ate at Brix Saturday night and it was wonderful.

                1. re: Lenox637

                  Not to give away a secret but...I took my daughter to Brix last August and we had a wonderful meal.The staff and chef could not have been more nice.BTW the pork chop may have been the best I have ever had.Spot on.Go to Brix.Pittsfield is lucky to have such a restaurant in their town.