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Oct 14, 2008 01:16 PM

Asian noodle soup recipe?

I'm trying to use some broccoli and bok choy I have from my CSA and was thinking of making some sort of Asian noodle soup tonight, rather than my usual stir-fry. Does anyone have a good basic recipe they can point me to? Obviously I can adapt for the veggies I have if the recipe uses others, but I've just never made this type of soup and would love some guidance. Thanks!

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  1. Yesterday I made a miso - fish - rice noodle soup. Couple of quarts of stock, 1/4 to 1/3 cup of miso, juice of a large lime, grated ginger, splash of fish sauce, white fish fillet cut into bite sized chunks, green onion bias sliced, napa -core cut into coins, white parts into the soup, leafy parts cut and placed on bottom of bowls along with finely chopped green part of the green onions, dash of chile flakes, re-hydrated and sliced shiitakes. Just brought the soup to a low boil and tossed in the rice noodles. Noodles, fish, and vegetables were evenly done after about four minutes. Soup poured over greens in bowls. Broccoli and bok choy would easily replace my green onions and napa.

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      Cool, I always overcook my napa greens, never thought of not cooking them at all(duh!).

      I make similar soup a lot, with whatever veggies and meats are on hand, sometimes adding in tofu, chilies or frozen gyoza, and omitting the miso if I don't have any.

      Just experiment like you would with a stir fry, but add broth:)

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        Exactly! I make a lot of soups so am always preparing stock - and have to use them to free up ref and freezer space. It is fun to make quick Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Mexican inspired soups on a whim.

    2. I forgot: for such an Asian soup thin lenghtwise or thin bias cut slices of broccoli stems are best. Save teh florets for some other dish.

      1. I like to cook my soup and noodles separately...Cook the noodles and put into bowls. For the broth, I usually heat up some water and add a good splash of soy sauce and bit of anchovy powder. When it starts to boil, I blanch veggies and cooked meat until they are heated thru and then fish them out with chopsticks and arrange them over the noodles. Then I beat an egg, cook it in a thin layer and slice it in to shreds and arrange them over the noodles as well. Lastly, I ladle the boiling broth over the noodles and accoutrements. Sprinkle some hot red pepper powder on top and enjoy.

        1. ming tsai's five spice beef noodle soup is one of my very favorites:

          you might be able to use bok choi instead of spinach.

          1. Saimin sounds like a possibility. A little late for 'tonight' ....