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Oct 14, 2008 01:12 PM

Dinner and breakfast in Charlestown

We are heading to Charlestown for a wedding this weekend and are staying on Third Avenue at the Constitution Inn-any suggestions of restaurants nearby (hopefully within walking distance)for a nice, not too pricey dinner and also for breakfast on Sunday!?

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  1. There are a lot of reviews for Navy Yard Bistro on this website. You could not be closer, reviews are all good. I have never been, but it is on my list. Tavern on the Water, is very close to you as well. It is mostly a bar, so-so food great view. Although not very economical, Olives is still one of my local favorites. Breakfast....I have no idea. Have a great time, Fall is beautiful here!!

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      That cafe Sorelle in City Square (is that what it's called, around the corner from Olive's) would have breakfast stuff.

    2. Navy Yard Bistro is great. Not a fan of Olives. Tavern on the Water - ONLY for drinks. Food is awful, but it is the best water view in all of Boston.

      Sorelle's actually has two locations. One is next to Coldstone Creamery in the brick building on Chelsea Road. The other is in CIty Square next to Fig's restaurant (another Olives adventure). Sorelle's is great for baked goods type of breakfast. Have great coffee and scones. Further down Main Street and I apologize the name escapes me, there is another decent coffee shop that I believe serves hot breakfasts. If you continue through Thompson Square it is on Main Street.

      Paolo's on Main Street - Italian little pricey
      Tangerino - Morrocan but controversial space.

      You are not far from the North End which offers excellent Italian food and there is a ferry shuttle from the Flagship Wharf to downtown. Cab rides are also not that expensive.

      I love Charlestown. Hope you guys do too!

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          I live in Charlestown and agree with some of the suggestions. I highly recommend Navy Yard Bistro for a walk to, not thru the roof pricey, lots of great wine choices dinner. For Sunday morning go to Tavern on the Water for their Bloody Mary Bar and typical brunch fare. Great views of the harbor, again walkable, and this time of year not packed like in summer, food is straight forward and honest, not exceptional but will hit the spot if you want a bloody and more than baked goods. Olives can be $$$ and is unpredictable and inconsistent in terms of food quality, portion size and service. Paolo's is great but about ten blocks further than the Navy Yard Bistro in your backyard. If you are adventurous eaters who enjoy ethnic food Tangerino's is great for Moroccan food. Be warned though the late night scene becomes night club feeling so dine on the earlier side if you go with this option. I love Sorelle's coffee but find the baked goods to be heavy and tough. Enjoy my 'hood!

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            American Baker's Cafe, I believe is the name of the other little bakery, almost across the street from the Constitution Inn. It is in the same building as the Mass Water Resource Authority. They have the BEST lattes and the aroma each morning from the muffins baking is hard to resist!

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              Honestly, if Tangierino was open for breakfast, some of us would be lined for their B'Stilla: