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Oct 14, 2008 01:04 PM

Help-Real Gyros ANYWHERE in the New Haven area?!?!

My husband and I moved here 5 years ago and are utterly dismayed at the inability to find a place that serves real (meat cooked on a rotating spit) gyros... despite the proliferation of diners and restaurants named after locations in Greece.
Does anyone on here know of a place that doesn't have pre-formed gyro meat "patties?"
It would be nice not to have to lug them back from NYC on Metro North every time I go (although the oniony smell is handy for getting the whole seat to myself.)

Thanks in advance for any tips leading to the whereabouts of gyro-y goodness.

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  1. Yorkside Pizza on York St has a gyro machine & Chap's Grille on Chapel St I know used to have one but I don't know if they still do

    1. If you're willing to travel 30 minutes north to Newington, there's a greek place named Cavos. Very small, limited menu but excellent Gyros, done on the spit. It's on the Berlin Turnpike.

      In Hartford the first weekend in June, there is a greek festival at the church on Fairfield Avenue. They have the best greek food around!!

      1. The lack of Greek food in New Haven has always bothered me, because there is a large, affluent Greek community in the area, and a lot of them own restaurants. The only times I've had good Greek food in the area have been at the festival at St. Barbara's (which is in Orange, having moved there from New Haven about 25 years ago), and a handful of other functions at the church. I've been told by some there that the best thing to do is just get the Levantine or Turkish equivalent of the Greek dish you're craving. I guess you could always get some doner or shawerma, tell them to hold the hummus, and slap some tzatziki on at home. Not sure if that will satisfy your craving, but I know a good kefta kebab does it for me when I get hungry for keftedes.

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          i'm not sure what the situation is in new haven re: gyros, but i know that up in western mass, the only place i can find restaurants with actual gyro carving spits are in some of the local malls. the holyoke mall and also one of the malls in hadley have small greek places that provide the boost that only an actual gyro can deliver. anyway, maybe take a look at the directory pages of some local malls down your way. i know it sounds a little desperate, but what the heck?

        2. We've been relying on Greek festivals for once or twice a year fixes, but sometimes you just want to run out for a greek salad and a gyro.
          I suppose we're spoiled for having lived within easy driving distance of Tarpon Springs, an essentially all-Greek town in Florida.
          I'm going to check out Yorkside first and if they crush my dreams, then I will probably take up the shwarma suggestion to bide my time between NYC visits and Greek festival season.

          1. Yorkside has the best imho-Clarks is good too but not as big.

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              Try Twin Pines Diner on Main Street in East Haven. They use thin slices of meat. A great big gyro for the price.