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Oct 14, 2008 01:01 PM

Williamsburg Snack Bar is still choice

was driving west of northampton on route 9 earlier today and was happy to see the williamsburg snack bar had not yet closed for the season. had their specials of the day -- pulled pork sandwich and butternut squash soup. soup was excellent and served with a crisp apple slice. smooth and warm, ideal for outdoor eating. the pulled pork sandwich was very large for the price ($3.25) and although it was a bit more like a pork-based sloppy joe in terms of flavor, it was very tasty and served on a big bun, covered with their coleslaw. it's past the brassworks (former home of a truly great & missed restaurant called squires that specialized in game meat), next to a greenhouse, and it's worth a check if yr leaf peeping out that way.

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  1. I agree. Williamsburg Snack Bar is fantastic. It is on my route to and from Northampton and I try to stop there as often as I can. The lobster rolls are a steal and the rest of the menu is solid as well. I am always sad when they close for the season. I believe this season they are closing Nov 3, so get there while you still can.

    1. They have the best Lobster rolls on friday ,saturdays and sundays.This weekend they have whole belly fried clams,and they also serve fresh fried haddock every day.Located in Williamsburg,Ma,next to the Village Green,which has an ice cream stand that sells a cookie monster sundae,that is awesome!!!