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Oct 14, 2008 12:17 PM

Gettysburg Fine Dining?

Hello! My husband and I are traveling up there in November for a mini honeymoon. We've been there dozens of times, but have never had (the need for) fine dining. We always do the traditional: Farnsworth House Tavern, Dobbin House (for catered events, never been in the restaurant), Trader Vicks for pretzels etc. Is there someplace nice where we can go for a romantic dinner?

Thanks for your help!


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hi Kristin
      Nothing in town but within reason
      I have them in order of preference

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      1. re: pashibaboy

        Thanks for the recommendations! Have you ever been to the Inn at Herr Ridge? Supposedly they have a seasonal menu as well...Thoughts?

        1. re: krisrishere

          Sorry, I haven't tried it. I think you'll love the sheppard mansion. Make sure you check out the grounds. You can't go upstairs unless your a guest though :^(
          Hey, bring me up Crabs when you come up !! :^)
          I see your an Italian food lover. Wrong area here. Fortunatley I grew up in an Italian neighborhood so I learned well.
          I'll be in VIrginia Beach Nov 1 weekend. Do you know any good places to go to ??

          1. re: pashibaboy

            The mansion looks gorgeous. I'll try and make a reservation. I'm going up there for Rememberance Day so it's packed up there. Hopefully that will be my secret gem though :) Crabs are $80 a bushel...and that's a good deal! I try and go crabbing a few times a week in the summer. Mm, Mm, good!

            Yeah, I'm in the wrong area for Italian food too. It's so cookie cutter down here its sickening. It's because of the large military population. All of my friends come banging at my door for Italian food. They say they've never tasted anything so good; "well I guess you haven't had real Italian food then".

            Let's see, where in Va Beach are you going to be and I'm hoping you'll have a car. What kind of stuff do you want to eat while you're down here?

            1. re: krisrishere

              The crabs sound good, I'll try to find some to bring home with me.
              Do you think they'll last that long of a drive ??
              I'lll be at the convention center for a dog show. Seafood is best us. we don't mind driving also.
              The best Italian comes out of our kitchen. There is a decent italian bakery in Harrisburg also, if you feel like driving up, (almost an hour) -
              but you can snack on those pine nut cookies on the way home.

              We also have a bakery in our neighborhood that does great artesian breads. and now does lunch and dinner. I would definatley suggest it for lunch. Get the Roasted Peach and Pancetta salad with Goat cheese.

              213 E York St
              Biglerville, PA 17307
              (717) 677-7014

              1. re: pashibaboy

                I don't think they'll keep that long fresh..maybe pre-cooked. For seafood, I like Surf Rider. Awesome crabcakes and fried oysters. There are multiple locations so there's one close to where you're staying. It's casual and moderately priced. If you want a little fancier atmosphere/seafood, I love Lynnhaven Fish House. For the money, you'll be waddling out of there. If you happen to drive into Norfolk, you have to check Doumar's. It's an old carhop, supposed inventor of the waffle cone, everything is DIRT cheap and good. Lastly, if you're into BBQ check out Malbon Bros. It's inside a Citgo gas station..the pulled pork sandwiches are heavenly.

                Well, I just booked my reservation at the Sheppard Mansion. I decided to do a tasting. Have you ever done a tasting there? I'm excited for the experience! I only wish I knew what I was going to be eating..I'm too inpatient for surprises :)

                1. re: krisrishere

                  Thank you for the recommendations. Yes, I did do the tasting. It is the way to go. They do not rush you, so be prepared that you are there for the evening. Have fun and enjoy your trip.

                  1. re: pashibaboy

                    Hi there! I just wanted to see how your trip down here was. Where did you go eat? :)

          2. re: krisrishere

            I hope i'm you dont get to this too late.....
            I used to work at Herr Tavern. That experience is what made me want to become a chef. The Chef de cuisine is very talented and aware of his suroundings. Incorporating locally grown ingredients in classic dishes. The menus change weekly consisting of a starter ( I suggest ther cream of crab and corn soup), small plate, and main course and room for their house made ice creams and wine infused sorbets. Did I mention their wine cellar?

            1. re: Natalie A.

              Thanks Natalie. I ended up going to Sheppards Mansion last year, however I won't be able to make it there again this year. We're heading back up to Gettysburg in a couple of weeks - if we have time, I will check out Herr Tavern. Thank you.

        2. Dobbin, Farnsworth, Herr Tavern, Carriage House Inn, are about as close to "fine" dining as you'll find here in Gettysburg. Of the 4 I prefer Herr's Taven for food quality and the Carriage House for ambiance and traditional American down home food in a festive atmosphere.
          20 miles South in Thurmont, MD is Kozy, a famous restaurant visited by many POTUS, as Camp David is a stone's throw. Great Sunday b'fst buffet!

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          1. re: ballpienhammer

            Hi Kris
            We ran into people we know and didn't end up making it to your suggestions.
            We ate at a place called Rockefellers. It was okay. I think chowed down on oysters and lots of wine. We loved the convention center for the dog show though, so we'll be down next year for the shows and try your suggestions.
            Also, when your in our area, try a place called Ponoma's in Biglerville. (15 minutes north of Gettysburg) It's not romantic but the food is great and it's BYOB. Everything is cooked in their brick oven and they have great food. Very limited hours Wed - Sat

            1. re: pashibaboy

              Next time you come down, definitely treat yourself to some of my recs! Thanks for the other suggestion. We leave this Thursday for PA, so we're excited. Friday is the tasting and Saturday we have a group dinner at Dobbin House, so besides that our dining options are extremely open! Thanks again and I will be sure to post my "review" when I get home!

          2. I went to Sheppard Mansion in nearby Hanover for dinner on Friday evening. I purchased a 5 course tasting. Oh. My. Goodness. There are no words for how excellent this meal was. Every course was a winner. ..And the pretzel rolls, oh good Lord!! Thank you Pashibaboy for the rec., we will be going there every year on our annual trip to Gettysburg.

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            1. re: krisrishere

              please email me at
              Glad you had a good time

              1. re: krisrishere

                Sheppard is on my list for our next "nice" dinner. They don't have the 5 course tasting described on their website. Do you know if it is always available? Also, do you mind if I ask the price?


                1. re: sballard

                  They only do the tastings on weekends. I asked for it when I made my reservation. For 5 courses I paid $65 each, you can add wine for $35 each..but we don't drink, so that wasn't necessary.

                  1. re: krisrishere

                    Thanks, thats the price range I was hoping for!

                  2. re: sballard

                    I think it was in the $60 range last time. I guess they should list it on their web site as an option.

                    1. re: sballard

                      Is Sheppard Mansion a jackets for men type of place, or could a neatly, casually-dressed man eat there comfortably? Neat casual in this case would mean non-jeans and, say, a button-down shirt. Sleeves probably rolled up a bit, if that makes any difference.

                      Hubby is eager to go, but wants to be, and feel, comfortable.

                      Many thanks in advance.

                      1. re: harrie

                        My husband just wore slacks and a nice button down. If you're doing the tasting, be sure to wear comfortable pants because you will be stuffed!! :)

                        1. re: krisrishere

                          Thanks for the info! We'll be there during the week, so no tasting menu for us. Still looking forward to it, though.

                  3. Folks, I really can't believe that The Pub isn't mentioned, on the square in Gettysburg. I have never had a bad meal there, and the menu is very, very deep.

                    We make a point to stop there any time we're passing through from the Harrisburg area.


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                    1. re: jrshooter

                      The Pub ?? The Topic is fine dining. The pub is bar food at it's worse. You might as well go to Mickey D's, at least you'll get consistancy. Check out the reviews on Just a tourist trap

                      1. re: pashibaboy

                        The Pub may not be fine dining but it certainly is not bar food at its worst or McDonald's. It's decent and has a good menu. If it's a tourist trap than you might as well say every restaurant in Gettysburg proper is a tourist trap.