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Oct 14, 2008 12:04 PM

Italian or other, SM Blvd/Bundy?

I am drawing blank. Early dinner in this area. Thoughts?

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  1. just venture 5mins to brentwood and there is a plethora of italian on san vicente or vicinity:

    - vincenti, pizzicotto, divino, toscana, palmeri, pecorino, osteria latini

    1. If you're not wed to Italian, Nook is right down the street. And if you think Oaxcan sounds good, Monte Alban is right there.

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      1. re: mollyomormon

        Strong second for Monte Alban -- SM Blvd. between Barrington and Bundy, north side of the street. Wonderful food, inexpensive, comfortable -- no drawbacks, as far as I can tell. Try the barbacoa de chivo, a nice chunk of tender braised goat served in a hearty, spicy but not hot broth, with a place of stuff (onions, cilantro, cabbage) on the side to stir in.

        1. re: ozhead

          3rd vote for Monte Alban. I love their chicken soup! And their guacamole is incredible too.

        2. re: mollyomormon

          both great ideas... another idea for non-italian is javan.

          agree that brentwood is the best rec for great italian choices - love palmeri. pizzicotto is more casual. pecorino good too. there's drago on wilshire too at 26ish

          1. re: Emme

            Isn't there a Pomodoro on Westwood, around Rochester or so, that is an independent and NOT part of the similarly-named chain? I've heard good things. Up at the very north end of San Vicente in Brentwood is San Gennaro, which has an extensive menu, has or had a $10/bottle wine selection, and fairly widely distributed two-for-one coupon specials. The Italian places Emme listed all have their fans, but all are very expensive for Italian -- pastas around $20 and secondi $30 or more.

            1. re: Emme

              Second Javan...their fesenjan is delicious. What do you like at Drago?

              1. re: Emme

                I'm more partial to Darya than Javan when it comes to Persian food in that area.

                Many will disagree, but I actually like Ono Hawaiian BBQ (in the minimall on the NW part of said corner).

                Thai Beer is not that good.

                1. re: J.L.

                  i typically head to shamshiri a bit east on westwood/smb for my persian fix. thought javan was good, but found that i enjoyed shamshiri a bit better. have not yet tried darya but may next time i need my persian fix.

                  as for ono's, they do what they do well. offer up copious amounts of decent food for very little moola.

              2. guido's is right there just east of bundy on santa monica blvd - heavier red table cloth style italian but not bad
                further down the street is il grano, a higher end italian restaurant and its more casual sister restaurant

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                1. re: paulfromla

                  Sorry, beg to differ on Guido's. It's horrible. It used to be barely passable, but no longer (unless something changed in the last year). For that kind of food, I'd give the nod to Vito on Ocean Park. But there are so many better choices closer to S.M. and Bundy.

                  1. re: Debbie W

                    Second your comment on Guido's. Nasty food but I guess it's kind of a neighborhood joint, probably the only reason they are still in business.

                  2. re: paulfromla

                    Il Grano is an excellent restaurant a block away from Bundy/SM. It is bit focused on fish though. Brentwood, which is very close, has a much greater variety of high quality Italian. Second all of wilafur's recs.

                    1. re: karamazov

                      il grano is more like 12-14 blocks from sm/bundy. =)

                      1. re: wilafur

                        You are right, i was thinking Barrington :). Which is still more than a block away, but that's sort of close.

                        In any case, if you're driving, it's quite close still.