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Oct 14, 2008 11:30 AM

Recommendations for trip to Coronado & SD

My husband and I will be in Coronado and San Diego next week for vacation. We are spending 3 days at the Hotel del and then 4 days at a B&B in North Park. We have broad tastes so nothing is really out for us. Can you give me some suggestions for what places we just shouldn't miss while we are there? We will probably splurge on one or two nights, but otherwise we are looking for something that is moderately priced for our lunches and dinners. Thanks!

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  1. Coronado:
    - 1500 Ocean (expensive so maybe your nicer meal)
    - Sorry, don't have a lot of suggestions other than 1500 Ocean in Coronado itself because I normally don't go there too much
    - head back over the harbor to the Gaslamp District for Cafe Chloe (French Bistro), Neighborhood (burgers), or Cowboy Star (steak and other game meats)

    North Park:
    - The Linkery
    - Urban Solace
    - Mama's Bakery and Lebanese
    - Ritual Tavern
    - Farm House Cafe (University Heights)
    - Jayne's Gastropub
    - The Better Half (Hillcrest)
    - Toronado or Hamilton's if you like beer
    - Super Cocina (not in North Park but it's close and the best Mexican in San Diego)
    - Mariscos German (the 35th & University Taco Truck is close and has excellent Mexican seafood)

    1. I didn't know that North Park had any B & B's..
      Hotel Del is a fab hotel with lots of places to eat around the area..Doug has given you excellent advice..
      For Coronado, I like the everyday happy hour at the Brigantine..across the street from the Del..great fish tacos and marg's...Miguel's next door for Mex.Palm Bar & grill for a great burger..lots of Navy Seals hang here.
      Chez Loma is a quaint French bistro and Il Fornaio is lovely at the landing..
      I would get up to La Jolla area and have lunch at George's at the Cove or Crab Catcher..

      1. Thanks for all of these great recs. We are really looking forward to our time in SD!
        As for the b&b - I suppose it isn't your typical b&b b/c they can only accomodate one couple at a given time but it looked great to us. You can check them out at