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Oct 14, 2008 11:26 AM

Philadelphia Groomsmen Lunch for 10 on a Saturday

I am not from the Philadelphia area so I need a little help. I am looking for a good spot for lunch on a Saturday afternoon for 10. Cost isn't an issue - should be a good laid back spot with very good food. I wanted to eat at Amada but they don't do lunch on weekends (I will have to try to squeeze it in Friday night or something from what I've heard). I was considering Alma de Cuba but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It doesn't have to be spanish/cuban - seafood, steak, bistro, I am open to anything.

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  1. You might try: Brasserie Perrier - 1619 Walnut St.
    Nineteen XIX - @ Park Hyatt - 200 S. Broad St. -

    Devon Seafood - on Rittenhouse Square - ..

    1. Estia a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant on Locust St. between Broad and 15th

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        I agree ... Estia is excellent....