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Oct 14, 2008 10:52 AM

20-somethings- fun/cool dining

My sister and her husband are coming to NYC this weekend and I am trying to get some ideas of good places to take them to for lunch/dinner. Nothing too pricey ($30/person max), but something with atmosphere and good food- Manhattan only for now.

A few on my list of possibilities are- Momofuku Noodle Bar, Veselka, Aurora Soho...

Any other ideas are really appreciated.

Thank you!

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  1. Would you be interested in a tapas place?
    Do you mean you're in your 20's or you want a place in the 20's?

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    1. i recently went to peep and had a great time. the food was yummy, the price was just right if not better then expected and the place has a vibe to it. you feel like you are in a trendy lounge and the bathrooms are see through to the restaurnt from inside (get it-peep), very cool. if you want something fun and hip with good food and good prices check this spot out. plus it is in a great neighbrohood-make a reservation if you can.

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          thanks very much for peep and inoteca, will look into both!

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            inoteca is a good spot as well as alta for tapas. pipa might work for tapas as well or for a drink and snack at bar. if you have a certain neighborhood request we can come up with more ideas. there so many good spots.

          1. 'inoteca is a great choice. Alta is one of my faves, but if you order drinks, you'll go above $30. Thai restaurants like Peep and Highline offer great options for good food in a scene. I'd also scout out Gyu-kaku, Cafe Noir, Rhong-Tiam; Devi's 2-course menu is also within your price range.