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Oct 14, 2008 10:50 AM

Cheesecake Factory..I am being forced to go

What should I get?

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  1. My daughters love this place. (I swear I raised them right - don't know what happened). I generally order the spicy Ahi tuna roll (appetizer) and an iced green tea. That plus a slice or two of the pumpernickel bread is plenty. Generally the tuna has been fresh and pretty edible plus you don't have to look at 4 pounds of food placed in front of you :)

    1. Understand your concern. Their pad thai is ok but will easily serve 6

      1. we like their salads - chinese chicken salad & bbq ranch chicken salad. we just met friends there the other night - i had the sausage & chicken gumbo, which was pretty good, but needed salt - the server said this was new to the menu.

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          the bistro shrimp pasta is very good, but very filling.

          1. re: lrbarbie

            Ditto on the bistro shrimp pasta.

            My favorite actually is the shrimp & bacon club, HOWEVER, get the special sauce and the garlic mayo on the side b/c they load on both of them and that gets gross. I get it with mashed potatoes instead of french fries.

            Bang Bang Chicken & Shrimp is great too, but can feed 6. They also have a great, rich shepherd's pie.

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            The Southwestern chicken salad is very good, and HUGE. Get a lunch or half order if you can.

            1. re: lil mikey

              my favourite!

              i ordered the lunch portion and had to ask the server if she brought the right one... it was HUGE.


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                LOL, I think that's the salad I got as well, the last time I was (dragged, kinda) there a couple years ago, and I, too, asked if that was really the half order. It was. Even the server agreed it was funny and related the one time that she was on a double shift and hadn't gotten a chance to eat, something like that. She said that was the one time she finished, or got close to finishing, a full size salad. I've been to plenty of other places that have half and full orders of entree salads. CF's half order of this thing was larger than the full order at anywhere else I've ever gotten one. Really.

                The salad wasn't bad, but as you can see, it's the huge size of everything that sticks in your head. ;-)

          3. Dont get the fish tacos.

            Bland, messy, and overpriced if I recall correctly.

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              I actually ordered the fish tacos once, and the waitress told me they get many complaints that they are bland. So I changed my order. I think I got a seared tuna salad with a wasabi vinaigrette. It was pretty basic (I think other than the tuna and lettuce there's tomato and avocado?), but it was pretty good, if you are ok with seared tuna. I actually have no complaint with Cheesecake Factory food - there's definitely something for everyone. If the portions are huge you can always box it up, or just leave it. I think another time we went and we were able to get lunch-sized portions of many things because we ordered just before 5pm. I would check this out though.

            2. You can't go wrong w/ any of their salads; I esp. love the bbq ranch chicken salad. I always get their lemonade; they dip the rim of the glass in sugar and it just has a really good flavor (not sure they make it themselves or not). The crab cake sandwich is very good, too.

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                Yes, the lemonade and strawberry lemonade are top-notch.

                I loved their goulash, but it may have been discontinued. Barbecue chicken sandwich is surprisingly good, pasta jambalaya is huge but quite good, and the guacamole-filled eggrolls (forget the exact name) make a delicious appetizer. I don't mind their fish tacos either... definitely better than the ones at Baja Burrito Kitchen (another chain).