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Oct 14, 2008 10:46 AM

Between Fort Lee & Wyckoff

We want to meet friends somewhere between Ft. Lee & Wyckoff. Anything except Asian is okay with us, but we prefer not to get dressed up as we will all be coming from work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Any particular food type or price range? Are Wyckoff and Ft. Lee inclusive? This is actually a pretty big geographical area, especially considering that once you hit 4 & 17, you can either just continue east or you can go south on 17 to 80, broadening the area. Hackensack, especially the southern part of Main St. has a number of newer places. Just off Rt. 4 is Brooklyn Coal Oven Pizza, There are a bunch of places on Cedar Lane in Teaneck. There's a Houstons and a Cheesecake Factory in the Mall just past Hackensack Ave.. There's a Hooters. There's Chakra on Rt. 4, just west of Rt. 17 and South City Grill on Rt. 17 just south of Rt. 4. There's a good italian place on upper Main St. in Ridgefield Park, the name, of which, escapes me. Fair Lawn has the place that was on TV, Campagnolo's maybe? There's also a turkish place on the main street part of Rt. 4 in Fair Lawn. Falafel? Fair Lawn has a place that's supposed to be pretty good... on River Rd. I believe. Englewood has a bunch of places including the oft mentioned Baumgarts. Ridgewood? Too many to name. Westwood seemingly has an up and coming restraunt scene. There are diners EVERYWHERE.

    1. Oceanos in Fair Lawn.

      Not sure if you consider Indian "Asian" but Mantra is doing some exceptional indian Food, in Paramus.

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        I second the vote for Oceanos, on Saddle River Road (where Route 4 West turns into Route 208 North). Wonderfully fresh seafood.

        My friends and I also enjoy meeting at Sabor in Hawthorne after work, especially on Thursdays when the martinis are half price. We come from all different directions too, from NYC to Morris County, and this works out well for all of us (on Goffle Road, just off Route 208, Hawthorne). You can have a leisurely cocktail and tapas in the lounge while waiting for the rest of your group to arrive.

      2. I agree that Teaneck has some interesting options. We recently ate at a Dominican restaurant, La Esperanza, (on Cedar Lane) after it got a great review in the local newspaper. The food was delicious and different from the usual fare you would get at a chain like Houston's or Houlihan's. There were plenty of mainstream type chicken and beef dishes for the less adventurous diner, but some Caribbean favorites like plaintains, and rice and beans that even my picky children were willing to taste (and ended up loving!).

        Another ethnic choice that we have enjoyed is Lodos - a small Turkish storefront on River Road in New Milford. The food is fresh and flavorful. It is about 3 miles north of Route 4.

        I agree that Sabor would also be a good choice, although it tends to be very loud on a Saturday night.